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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ah Gao Yun Tun Mian 如切著名亚九云吞面

Popular 1.90 Joo Chiat Yun Tun Mian was being featured in local programs sometimes back under the "Lost & Found" Hawkers and in case you are looking for them, they are actually in Whampoa Makan Place now. It used to be sold at $1.90 per bowl during the old times in Joo Chiat. Unfortunately due to economy inflation, its hard to make ends meet selling at such prices, instead prices were changed to $2.50 for small and $3.00 for the bigger bowl, following the market's practice.

 Ah Gao Yun Tun Mian 如切著名亚九云吞面
Chilli Version of Wanton Mee spelt out the differences between Ah Gao's and the usual bowls I had. The level of spiciness was good enough to give the kick and not overpowering, coating the strands of springy egg noodles.

Wanton Noodle - $3
Char Siew on the other hand was lean and easy to chew on, sliced into good cuts and not too fatty.

Pieces of Char Siew

Wantons were relatively decent with minced meat wrapped, however the skin gave the kind of soggy feel and was not too smooth as expected.

Overall, the blend of chilli and the noodles may be the highlight but this style doesn't really fit me. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Ah Gao Yun Tun Mian 如切著名亚九云吞面
Location: Whampoa Makan Place, 90 Whampoa Drive #01-36 Singapore 320090

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