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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Guang Dong Porridge

Looking for some smooth and delicious Porridge without putting too much pressure on your wallet? Perhaps you should try this porridge located in China Town, GuangDong Porridge.

Guang Dong Porridge
Try out its signature porridge, mix pork porridge, the classic Cantonese style featuring liver, intestine and pork balls which can be rarely seen nowadays.

We opted for another bowl which is their Century Egg & pork Porridge. The stall likes it porridge to go plain and barely without any flavours. However, with additional egg added together with its ingredients,  you can really tell the distinct taste from each ingredients.

Century Egg & Pork Porridge with Egg - $4.50
Having fried fritters (aka "You Tiao") separately served, give diner a choice to mix in or have it alone. You Tiao was deep fried and fresh, crunchy without being too greasy.

You Tiao
For ourselves, we prefer to have them sink into the bowl of porridge.

Self Topping with You Tiao
And then stirred them all in. Ta-Da, enjoy the bowl of porridge! Last but not least, if you still find them plain, you may add in some pepper or soy sauce to suit your taste.

Mix and soften the You Tiao
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Guang Dong Porridge
Location: Henly Huat Drinks Food Court, 122 Neil Road

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