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Monday, June 8, 2015

Wildfire Kitchen

Nestled among the shops in Evan Road, taking over my favourite brunch place, Hatch will be the attention catching Neon lightings of Wildfire Kitchen + Bar which serves Gourmet Burgers, Chargrilled steaks, all day breakfasts and even craft beers.

It's presence came to my surprise as I was still in thought that Hatch is still part of the stretch. I was so not used to their big neon signage that marks Wildfire kitchen and Bar now.

Wildfire Kitchen + Bar
Interior was laid back just like it used to be in Hatched and there is a bar counter for those who like to chill and grab some drinks.

Though Buzzer system were in place, we were lucky that the friendly helpers still served our orders right up to our tables.

Awww... it seems like there is not much choice for the man who drives. In the end, he ordered a can of A&W root beer.

A & W - $3
Initially, I was quite skeptical about the kind of fresh juices they are serving as many times, I realized cafes / restaurants are serving juices from prepacked juices rather than juicing themselves. Not knowing too many green apples juices from the shelves, I decided to order them and luckily they came in fresh by the juicer.

Green Apple Juice - $6.50
Onion rings were deep fried to golden brown with batter puffing up around the sliced onion. Crispy and scrumptious for a start while waiting for our burgers. Dip these non-greasy rings into the spicy thousand island sauce,whetting your appetite.

Onion Rings -$8
Never expected burgers to be served in small oval saucer plate with fries at its side. This made us additional careful when dining as we do not want to spill / waste any food. Triple Bacon came with 120 Day Grain Fed Beef Patty in combination of Butterhead Lettuce, Bacon Weave, Bacon Jam, Beer Caramelised Onions, Cheddar Cheese and Baconnaise Suace. Like any gourmet burgers they offered in there, the buns were toasted to glossy outlook and with a whiff of buttery fragrance.

Triple Bacon - $19
A more embellished version than the former, likewise using 120 Day Grain Fed Beef Patty with Baby Spinach, Bacon Weave, Rosti, Parmesan Crisp, Tempura Onion Rings, Fried Egg, Sliced Tomatoes, Beer Caramelised Onions, Guacamole and their Signature Master Sauce. Overwhelmed by its ingredients, the buger is packed full of flavour.

The Works - $23

Close up
Burgers are decent over here. With portion looking small in its plate but in fact it was actually quite filling to the tummy. The only gripe I had was that burgers buns were rather greasy. If you asked if I will come back again for their burgers, they wont be in my primary choice.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Wildfire Kitchen + Bar
Location: 26 Evans Road Singapore 259367

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