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Friday, June 12, 2015

Little Saigon

Walking by the Riverside, we caught sight of this Vietnamese Place and decided to have some light bites over our catchup. With the existence of our sweltering hot weather, it's especially hard to dine outdoors, thus we chose the indoor seats instead.

Interior was well adorned with classic Vietnamese lanterns and blue as the main color with warm dark wooden setting. Hanging posters of typical Vietnamese woman with the pointed straw hats were hung on the walls, adding more of such culture into Little Saigon.

Turning my heads to the sides, we spotted the beautifully arrange wines in the glass cabinets and from the look at the musical instruments and the stage, we knew Little Saigon has a completely different ambiance at night with live bands musics embracing the drinkers.

What's at the night
Spring Rolls are good appetizers as well as snacks while waiting for the main courses. Unlike the smooth and traditionally fried Spring Rolls Skin, Vietnamese Spring Rolls use rice paper to encase the ingredients like minced pork, vermicelli and black mushrooms. Texture was totally different from the Chinese style and goes exceptionally well with fish sauce as the dipping sauce.

Fried Spring Rolls -$14 
Portion of the Traditional Beef Noodle Soup Rice Noodles was big and served with Slices Of Tender  Beef & Beef Brisket in the rich flavorful broth. Garnishing like, lime, chilli, chilli padi and black sauce were all separated out, giving us a choice to adjust the taste to our likings. 

Pho Bo - $22
Since it's Happy Hour Time with 50% off beverages, having alcoholic drinks like this is definitely a steal.

Drink - $15
Rating: 3 / 5

Little Saigon
Location: Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Road #01-02 Singapore 179024

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