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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Traditional Hakka Lui Cha

Having residing in the West side of Singapore for so many years, it hard to find a stalls that sell Traditional Hakka Lui Cha. In fact, the all time listed in my favourite list is none other than this Traditional "He Po Ke Jia Lei Cha" which already has 2 outlets for more than 10 years in the West. Perhaps if you ask the West Side Foodies, they will also name these 2 few apart from those situated in the modern food court.

Traditional Hakka Lui Cha
The dish Lui Cha or rather Thunder Rice deemed to be a healthy bowl of food that helps to dispel "wind" & moisture from the body system, improving blood circulation and aids in abdominal bloat, pain as well as nausea, a nutritional dish among healthy conscious diners.

Lui Cha with brown rice - $4
Ingredients that topped the rice is mostly vegetables, consisting of cabbages, kale, long beans, dried raddish, leek, string beans, shu zai cai and azuki beans each providing its health benefits.

Close up

The bowl of pounded tea was not too rough to the throat and gave a faint special fragrant of the basil leaves. Some may prefer to have the entire bowl of soup poured into rice and its ingredients to enjoy while some wish to consume them separately.

Pounded Tea
Once again, being quite rare among the hawkers, they are the few few better choices in the West.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Traditional Hakka Lui Cha
Location: Boon Lay Place Food Village, 221A/B Boon Lay Place #01-96 Singapore 642221

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