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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Opening its door since May 2015, Harry's has did a revamp not only in their menu but had also strengthened its market presence with well decorated environment, having new themes for their branches.

Harry's Main Entrance

Harry's Side Door

Old School Bike

For instance, the theme of Harry's in this branch was purely on "Travel".

Ambiance was very different from the usual bar I have gone to even though the place by default has given us a relaxing feel.

Travel Quote
There was another section in Harry with sofa chairs and travel decorations. Its like travelling on a time machine into another world.

Another Section

Black & White poster

With traveling theme, there was one portion on the wall with maps and different timing on a few countries.

Time Traveling
 Having things like this will make patrons like me feel nostalgic.

Since Harry's is reputable for its Western Bar, Pub image, there are no surprise to see so many bottles of alcohols on the elegant shelving.


To know more about them, take a good look at the Harry's beverage menu.

Beverage Menu

Starting of with the small plates, pairing with Harry's Signature Premium Lager was simply enjoyable to wind down oneself after a long day of work under such cool environment.

Harry's Premium Lager - $13

And this coaster just came right in the time with words saying "I used to think drinking was bad for I gave up thinking." At that instance, I cant agree more on that.

Don't you think so?

Fish Crackling was a perfect kick off to the wonderful evening giving a good sense of crispy bites. Made from Eel Fish and lavished with spring onions as well as their in house spice mix. Flavour of this crackling just wouldn't run out if you dip them Aioli which bring such simple side plate to another level with creamy mayo and garlic taste.

Fish Crackling - $13
Great for a start and perfect for a pint! Their Signature Wings are something you should not be missing when you enter Harry's. These wings were not firey hot despite of the chilli padi that was demonstrated. Dressed in their secret spice and deep fried into its fragrant condition, they were part of the ultimate treat in the night. For those who like extra dose of spicy kick, you may enjoy them with their homemade chilli Jam.

Harry's Signature Wings - $13 (6 pcs), $19 (10Pcs)
A wonder mixture of blue swimmer crab meat with potatoes can never go wrong.Deep fried and giving a light crunch, to enjoy it at the fullest, dip them into the Sriracha Tomato Dip.

Crab & Potato Cakes - $19 (6 Pcs)
The miniatures burgers caught us off guard, it was too cute to be eaten. The mini buns were both toasted with juiciest steak, charred bell peppers and jalapeno cheese sauce sandwiched in between. They were served in trio with a acceptable spicy level.

Jalapeno Steak Sliders - $13

Look's what's sandwiched in between
It's so hard to skip having alcohol in Harry's afterall, they have given a perception that they did it best in serving alcholic beverages. Their signature cocktail of vodka, Dirty Harry, was served with brown sugar, lychee liqueur and a small wedge of lime, a perfect refreshing treat before going into the Big Plates.

Dirty Harry - $16

Enjoy one of the popular flavourful indian dish, chicken Masala with toasted charcoal bread under Harry's Big Plates in the menu. Chicken Masala was thick but it didn't get us bored by having the dish alone, in fact it was rich in spice and the charcoal bread stood in well to soak up the dish's essence.

Chicken Masala - $23

Charcoal Bread
The chicken were plump and tender. Just a look!

Chicken in the Masala
Wanna get more of blueswimmer crabmeat? Try out their spaghettini with freshly handpicked crabmeat, toasted pine nuts, fresh cut chillis all in the tangy tomato sauce topped with yummy rockets.

Crabmeat Spaghettini - $23
Washing down all the food, we have a perfect ending to the session with a glass of fruity Moscato together with the dessert.

Moscato - $13.50
I have never expected a pub serving such indulging dessert. This crisp tart were made up of thinly sliced apples on crust pastry with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. The both sweet and saltish caramel sauce had given the experience to another stage.

Toffee Apple Crisp Tart - $14

The new tasting menu had given a surprise treat and change the perception of Harry's in me. I guess now Harry's have given additional choices to patrons not by just their alcoholic beverages but also the interesting bites.

Thanks OpenRice for the invitation and Harry's Bar Team for the hospitality.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: 3D River Valley Road #01-01 Singapore 179023

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