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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dae Ssik Sin

I haven't been a fan of Korean BBQ lately as I was at the weather's mercy with bad throat and was  not too keen on any heaty food. Since it was celebrating one of my pal's birthday, I decided to join them and check out what's the rave on this Korean Buffet Dinner in Orchard Gateway. Initially when we reached around 7pm on a Friday evening, the queue was still bearable however, once we return about 15 minutes later, long snaky queue was formed.


Environment was spacious with electronic BBQ Pit with infra light affixed onto every table and with adjustable ventilator to vacuum the smoke out from the place.  Depth of the BBQ equipment was rather shallow but at a easier reach to diners. As soon as we sat down, the staff switched on the pit and started applying butter on the hot surface.

Occupying a big section in the mall with tall ceilings. It makes the place rather spacious without having too many narrow walkways in between the tables.

Adjustable Ventilator
Over at the side counter, there are ready cooked food for those who are hungry, at least you can have some food while waiting for the raw items to be barbequed.

Cooked Food
Besides rice, you get to have soup selection like seaweed or kimchi soup.

Seaweed Soup
You can also find Korean Style Sushi from the trays too.

Move over to the bar selection, you get to have the usual korean snack like Kimchi pancake, fried potato, sweet potato, glass noodles, kimchi fried rice and even spicy rice cakes. These cooked food wasn't too impressive as the stirred fried glass noodles were rather salty and pancake was rather dry.

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Just grab a plate and place them on your plate.

My Buffet Plate
While most buffet places would have charged additional for drinks, what we are paying here is all inclusive and unlimited flow. Besides the typical soft drinks available, this soda mix fruits drink caught my attention. Fruits like apple, dragon fruit, watermelon and soda were mixed together. Quite a refreshing treat after so much heat from the BBQ items.

Fruits Soda
 Just too bad the seafood selection were not wide enough but if you want to make the trip worth your every cent, you can just whack the prawns. Dae Ssik Sin is also quite concerned about the level of food hygiene and had pasted note not to mix up the tongs.

Get you dose of meat intake here! Besides the seafood column, I think having Pork and Beef will make the buffet trip worthwhile too. The section consist of chicken bulgogi, pork marinated rib, pork belly, beef bulgogi, spicy chicken collar to bacon.

Meat Section
Meat was definitely fresh with quantity replenished promptly by the attentive staff on duty.

Red Meat
Meat were well marinated and beef short plate was thinly sliced and curled up.


Let's hands on. Do not worry about the base turning black as the friendly staff will get it change once you feel uncomfortable about the charred base.

BBQ-ing the meat
Take a look at the clip.

Pork Belly

With all the bulgogi, it's time to make your own Bossam time! Grab a piece of leafy big enough to cover ingredients.

Add onion and bean paste for flavour.

Bean Paste
Also not forgetting their kimchi !

With so many korean BBQ restaurants popping up recently, competition is real though. Price over here in Dae Ssik Sin is quite reasonable taking in consideration that they are located in the town area. Here's the price as follows:

Weekday Lunch                    : $14.90++ (adult)/ $8.90++ (child)
Dinner                                    : $24.90++/$18.90++

Weekend and PH (all day)   : $24.90++/ $18.90++

I would rate Korean BBQ restaurant base on the variety of food, service and the smoky level. Food and service are generally the average side but as for smoke, with so many places introducing the smokeless, I find that they still need to catch up on this portion as I still feel like a walking BBQ after meal.

Rating: 3 / 5

Dae Ssik Sin
Location: Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road #03-17 Singapore 238858

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