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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chang Soon (Charcoal) HK Style Roasted

 People were raving about the HK Style Roasted meat in Neil Road and its always very crowded during the weekdays lunch hours.

Chang Soon
 One of the weekends, we visited Chang Soon (Charcoal) HK Style Roasted, though it was quite late for lunch, the seating was still rather pack. Luckily there was no queue and our order was a breeze.

Trio Platter with Braised Egg - $12.50
Trio Platter with Braised Egg - $12.50
Having ordered the Trio Platter with Roast Duck, Char Siew and Sio Bak, I find that it turned out to be good, within expectation.Roast Duck was beautifully prepared with crispy skin, where smokey flavours went in deep into the meat yet maintaining the tenderness and tantalizing treat. Char Siew was not too bad too, not too fatty but with a decent amount of fats and grease whereas Sio Bak was pretty decent, hard on its top squarish crackling skin with defined layers of meat. The platter was topped with a braised egg to pair with our white rice.

Roasted Meat

Another noteworthy item will be the bowl of soup. They did not just give us a plain bowl of clear soup, instead the soup was made up of salted vegetables duck soup and was definitely tasty to the palettes, whipping our appetite for more. However, just take note that the soup is on a peppery side.


Rating: 3.5 / 5

Chang Soon (Charcoal) HK Style Roasted
Location: 120/122 Neil Road, Kuan Food Court Singapore 088855

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