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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dullimah Sulaiman

Frankly speaking, having been to Ayer Rajah Food Centre for years, it was such a shame as I hardly try out all their Muslim stall as I choose to stick to a few. In the search of a better Mee Soto in the Hawker Cetnre, I visited Dullimah Sulaiman and saw someone taking away a plate of Tahu Goreng. I told myself, perhaps the next time I would try their Tahu Goreng.

Dullimah Sulaiman
Continuing my search for the better Mee Soto, I would say that I still could not find a one closer to my heart.

As usual, I topped up my dish with bagedil, afraiding that the basic portion may turn me hungry during tea time. Soup wise, there wasn't much to comment, stock was clear and taste with typical MSG included and topped with shredded chicken. If you are expecting nothing much, a simple meal like this could fit the bill.

Mee Soto Ayer Rajah Market -
Mee Soto - $3 (With Bagedil)

Rating: 3 / 5

Dullimah Sulaiman
Location: Ayer Rajah Food Centre, 503 West Coast Drive #01-52 Singapore 120503

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