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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ollie Cafe

It's time for gathering again! Thanks pal for inviting me to somewhere new at the basement of Orchard Gateway and the treat to a belated birthday meal.

Ollie Cafe was located in a hidden corner in the basement of Orchard Gateway linking to Orchard Central. It came to me as a surprise as I did not even know that basement is pack with number of eateries.

Ollie Cafe
Cafe theme was between rustic & industrial theme with cement screed on its floor. Following the vibes of cafe hopping, cafe are all beautifully design and decorated along such style, giving patrons a laid back yet trendy lifestyle.

And around the restaurant you will find some old school stuff like the old kind of phones, heavy metal table and chairs.


While waiting for another friend to arrive, I suggested that we have some Salad as bites and went ahead ordering their Signature Salad which is classified as their Best Seller. Presentation was rather impressive on the first impression with 4 triangular toasts sticking out of the pot. Salad was an interesting mix of grilled chicken chunks, Avocado, pickle capsicum, beetroom, tomato confit, 63 degree celsius egg and toast. Everything went well together even with poking of the yolk with the fork letting the yellow lava flowed. It was such a satisfying creation for us.

Ollie Signature Salad - $11.90
Without too much hesitation we hit the burgers on the menu and ordered their "Must Try' & "Best Seller" - it was just right that there were 4 sets of them as we were dining as 4 in a group. All the burgers patty come in a choice of either beef or chicken and can be upgraded to Wagyu Patties for $8.

The dish is definitely prepare for cheese lover. Presentation came to me as a surprise with burger served on an Epicurean board and I can barely see anything in between the burger buns as the cheese melts down like a yellow volcano covering the entire burger except the top bun. When curiosity in me arisen, I dug my fork and knife to reveal its caramelized onion, quattro cheese, monteray jack cheese & mix salad. Though the portion of the fat cut truffle fries may seems a little, wait till you order the set, its really a heavy meal!

Vintage Cheese (Must Try) - $17.90

Vintage Cheese

While presentation of the Woody Wood Piper  looked almost similar to the former with black sesame buns and its subsequent layer on top of the patties smeared with luscious melting cheese. Uncovering the bottom of the yellow melting quattro cheese, tucked a piece of grilled portobello with mushroom ragout, 63 degree Celsius egg, Monteray Jack Cheese, mix salad and fries came with a light aroma from truffle oil without being too greasy.

Woody Wood Piper (Best Seller) - $18.90

Beef Patty
Muddy Burger has a slightly different style when compared to the previous too. My friend called it the "Messy Burger" as besides having the melting cheese all over the dinner, the saucy minced beef was part of the creation. Since part of the juicy minced beef was on top of the fries, its best to have them before they turned soggy. Besides, Monteray Jack Cheese, Mix Sald & truffle fries that was commonly placed in their burger meals, Chili's, Jalapeno, onion, corn chips and avocado was used. Thus the taste from Muddy's was a vast different from the rest.
Muddy (Best Seller) - $19.90
Muddy or Messy?
And finally, our friend came in and he ordered the Turkey Burger. Turkey Patty was thick and juicy with charred grilled lines on it, topped with some delicious cranberry sauce which left me withdrawal symptoms like I should have ordered this earlier on. Beautiful swirls of Honey Mustard was decorated on the plate with order ingredients like, spice apple, Spice apple chutney, capsicum, caramelised onion, monteray jack cheese, cranberry sauce, mix sald and truffle fries.

Turkey Burger (Must Try) - $18.90

Exposing the Patty
Service was quick with 7-10 minutes for a burger order and through our conversation with the chef, Hisham, he was actually quite friendly and share his experience as well as thoughts for Ollie Cafe. Since Sham is a Muslim, I went on asking him if Ollie Cafe was Halal Certified and he brought out the concerns and processes in getting a eatery Certified was rather tedious as it all boiled down to money and cents. He further elaborate that every single staff on duty has to undergo strict training in order to get certified. Not only that, the use of butcher is rather selective and niche. In terms of cost efficiency, Ollie Cafe has not go the certification yet but he emphasized that his food are all halal.

Coffee Machine

For Cafe Hoppers, if you are not going for something heavy, do try out their cheese cake or coffee / tea. They have state of the art coffee machine and interesting tea range which aids in detoxing. Flavours of the tea were unique and you can have a smell from their samples on the counter.

Tea Range

Tea and Tea Cups
Moving on to their cheesecake, Chef Sham was so nice to add in a complimentary rainbow cake once he heard that they were celebrating my belated birthday. Rainbow cheesecake was beautifully made with 7 kinds of flavours, in their colours respectively with Strawberry, vanilla, Lemon, Orange, Yam and Pandan.

Rainbow Cheesecake
Chef Sham also emphasized that there is a hidden flavour if you enjoy all flavour at a go. Thus the rainbow cheesecake will give you the 8th flavor. Interesting isn't it? For those who enjoyed having cheesecake, Chef Sham also revealed that for every new month, there will be additional flavour in the range of cheese cake.Stay Tune!

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Ollie Cafe
Location: Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Rd #B2-10 Singapore

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