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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Quan Lai

I chanced upon the stretch of shop houses when we were deciding to have some Bak Kut Teh in Macpherson area but later learned that the shop had relocated to Woodlands area. There were a number of shops along the shop houses and as a braised duck lover, the look of prepared braised ducks hanging at Quan Lai had totally caught my attention. At a closer look, they have pleasant comments from the news media supported with newspaper articles in the past years. Thus, it makes no sense if I'm walking away from them without trying.

Quan Lai Stall Front
The duck platter was rather interesting as I have never come across any Kway Chap meal with pineapple as add on. This gives me a total experience in the enjoyment of such delicacies as I find that the unique taste was not too bad afterall. Besides that the platter consists of duck meat, braised egg, braised pig intestines and Tau Gua. Pig Intestine was well clean without any smell while on the other hand duck meat was rather tough on the jaws. There was nothing remarkable about the dish as it lacked the herbal and braised punches.

Ingredient - $13
Fat and broad noodle rice sheets has always been my favourite since young. The bowl of noodles soup has a good herbal note unlike most place where the dark brown broth was either diluted with soy sauce or has none.

$0.50 Per Bowl

Juding from the platter to the bowl of Kway, I would say that there are better platters out there if you are looking for something herbal infused. The only catch that draws me towards them may be its bowl of Kway with the herbal taste, otherwise I would just give them a miss.

Rating: 3 / 5

Quan Lai 
Location: Sin Fong Coffeeshop, 560 MacPherson Road Singapore 368233

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