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Saturday, April 25, 2015


April treats had started and special thanks to my pals / colleagues for treating me to sumptuous meals celebrating my birthday.

I have suggested a convenience place for meal which is Imakatsu located at 1st floor of Star Vista. Imaktasu looked pretty new to me as I never know of their existence till one day I pass them by.


Can you read? "Imakatsu"
Environment was calm and quiet, featuring an authentic modern Japanese dining atmosphere with lanterns lamp and wooden grids fore ceiling above. While service staff remains smiley and friendly, leaving us a very comfortable and professional impression.

Dining Ambiance
Imakatsu special set menu comes with the main course, a drink and a dessert. There are only 6 drinks to choose from: Coca-Cola, Coca-cola(Light), Orange Juice, Brown Tea(Free Flow), Green Tea and Oolong Tea.  Since it mentioned that Orange Juice was 100%, we gave it a try. The juice was quite fresh and tasted like those you can buy off the chillers on the super marts.

Orange Juice
Such place reminded me of Saboten and Tonkatsu Ma Maison which has similar practice of unlimited serving of sides like rice and cabbages with your own serving of sauce.

Sauce for the meal and sesame dressing for the cabbages
Cabbages are best to go with roasted sesame in the white pot and for those who likes vegetables, the cabbages are of unlimited refill if you have ordered their set meal.

Cabbages (Unlimited filling)
The name PIYO PIYO had prompted me further into my childhood memories which I can vividly recall that a cute cartoon character which has the same name. It was a plump lovely duck if you can recalled.

PIYOPIYO is as large as the size of an XL egg, deep fried with crispy crumps on its exterior and what's lie underneath is a layer of minced meat to be revealed later on. Although it might be a tad expensive at $9.80, i would say it required few processes in order to get it done.

PIYOPIYO Minced Meat Cutlet - $9.80
This appetizer came along with some Japanese Soya Sauce. It was presented in a black dish with a bed of shredded cabbages.

Close up on PIYO PIYO
Look what's in its core! Onsen Egg! To think about it, it was quite tedious to have its layer of minced meat deep fried without getting the egg cooked entirely. At least now I can relate the dish to the PIYO PIYO character.

Look what's inside!
Breaded deep fried pork dish has always been my comfort food when it comes to Japanese Cuisine.  This special pork set includes Premium Lion, Pork Fillet, Minced meat, pumpkin, sweet potato that was fried to golden perfection.

Special Pork Set - $29.80
Though by nature, biting pork are on a tougher side for the teeth, I would say that the quality of Tonkatsu from Imakatsu was good with the meat being tender.

Close up on the Pork
We had the Special Chicken Set too which consist of assorted chicken parts like chicken fillet, chicken thigh and chicken breast.

Special Chicken Set - $25.80
Just like the Special Pork Set, we were given a spat of mustard sauce on the side of the plate. Personally I felt "shiok" dabbing those Tonkatsu onto them as it gave a sudden spike on the tongue. Surprisingly, chicken was tender too.

Close up on the Chicken
For those who has smaller appetite, you can go for those non-set meal which excludes the drink and the dessert. If you prefer chicken and tender meat, you can go for their chicken culet ZEN (thigh).

Chicken Cutlet ZEN (Thigh) - $14.80

Chicken Thigh
Rounding up the meal, we had our cups of Matcha Ice Cream with Azuki beans as our desserts. Such refreshing treat was sweet with the savoury azuki bean paste.

Green Tea Ice Cream

If you enjoy Tonkatsu as much as I do, I believe you will like Imakatsu too. Head down to Imakatsu and have a try :).

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Location: The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green #01-17 Singapore 138617

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