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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hong Kong Jin Tian

Have you ever wondered where did the famous Roast Meat and Duck Leg Wrap went to after the move from Tiong Bahru last year around this time? Well, Hong Kong Jin Tian had reopened its door last year around July taking over a Nasi Place just opposite of Great World City Mall.

 Hong Kong Jin Tian

We ordered a plate of roast items consisting of char siew, roasted pork as well as duck leg accompanied by 2 plate of white rice and a bowl of brown sweet sauce. The roast duck was crisply done at its outside noticeable by its thin layer of glistering skin. While the roasted meat was chopped evenly into pieces and laid out onto the plate with the Barbecued lean Char Siew Meat. Of all the 3 meats, I would give char Siew the vote as they were not too greasy and special.

Bowl of Sauce

3 Meat
The Duck Leg Wrap (directly translated from chinese "脚包") is a must try over here as it is not commonly found in the roasted meat joints in Singapore as well as in Hong Kong. This delicacy is unique on its own as it consist of duck's foot with a yam dice in its core surrounded by slice of pig liver, fatty pork meat and yummy Char Siew wrapped together using pig intestine. They were marinaded in their special sweet sauce and barbequed to its glistering perfection.

Limited Duck Leg Wrap
Though the Duck Leg wrap was unique, I could not fully enjoy such delicacy as I'm pretty turned off by the strong innards smell.

Wrapped Duck Leg - $2.80
Prawn dumplings soup was clear but not too bland in taste. With 6 meaty dumplings nicely wrapped in their silky textured skin, it really completes a meal.

Prawn Dumpling Soup - $4
And River Valley Folks, don't forget to have a taste of their limited edition "Duck Leg Wrap"! Also, besides having Roasted Delights, Jin Tian also offers Cze Char Dishes from their kitchen.

Home made Barley

Rating: 3 / 5

Hong Kong Jin Tian
Location: 55 Zion Road Singapore 247780

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