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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

San Tong Steamed Soup & Delicious Seafood

Of so many stalls in the Food Centre, San Tong is the only stall that opens in the evenings for Business.

San Tong Steamed Food
Besides being known for their steam soup, dishes from the Cze Char Category can be also found here. Name it and you might get them here.

Prices are standard as per market's rate. Having ordered their sliced fish Yee Mee soup, it turned out that my dish was cooked in another style with gravy. The dish was rather simple and straight forward with fresh slices of fish among the braised noodles as well as the vegetables. Taste was average and not too salty, quite decent as a meal.

Sliced Fish Yee Mee - $3

Likewise for the fried Hokkien Mee in its traditional flat yellow noodles and seafood combination, not lessing out the standard ingredients like, fishcakes, pork and vegetables.

Hokkien Mee - $3

Moving on to their specialties, Steamed Soup. We had the chicken soup with Lotus Root. Taste was just right without having an overpowering taste of MSG.

Steamed Soup
I find that San Tong Steamed Soup is a decent place for dinner and if I have the chance, i will like to try out their herbal soup.

Rating: 3 / 5

San Tong Steamed Soup & Delicious Seafood
Location: Kallang Estate Fresh Market & Food Centre, 17 Old Airport Road, #01-03 Singapore 397972

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