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Friday, March 13, 2015

Putu Piring

What's Putu Piring? Why is it that everyone is raving about it when the topic comes to Haig Road Market and Cooked Food Centre. Having its unit memorized from the Internet, we went finding the stall in the Food Centre. Here it is!

As expected, there was a queue line up and at a closer look, I saw little white rice cakes hidden under the metal cups. Perhaps Putu Piring is what they call in Malay and in the Chinese version, we call it Tu Tu Kueh but wait, there are some slight differences. Read on to find out more!

Stall of Putu Piring
Double steamed rice flour, featuring its fluffiness with molten Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) in its core,  these little stuff were infused with aroma from the cut pandan leaves as well as grated coconut.

Putu Piring - $2
This style is of different league when compared to the Tu Tu Kueh. Just imagine having this gula Melaka oozing out of the rice cake especially when it is piping hot. It's best to be consumed when its hot. Despite being so, there was no utensils to handle these hot "rice cakes", I guess the trick to have it served in its best timing is by using the given pandan leaves to lift itself up and the grated coconut too.

Simply love the sensation as it crumbles in my mouth with Gula Melaka. Awwww. I feel like heading back now!

Putu Piring
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Putu Piring
Location: 14 Haig Road, #01-08 Haig Road Food Centre

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