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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant

With online raving about the Boat Noodle near Victory Monument in Bangkok, we began our search for them near the alley where we can find a number of stalls selling Boat Noodles. Boat Noodle is actually a noodle based soup dish that had gotten its name from being served off the boats in river and canals of Thailand.

Landmark of the boat noodles place
The place is situated near bus terminals where most of the Thai will take this new Year holiday as an opportunity to return to their hometown. Therefore it took us quite sometimes to squeeze through the crowd in order to get to this landmark - restaurant beside a river / canal. Unfortunately, the Boat Noodle place was closed. We were indeed very disappointed, imagine the journey we traveled and taking the pain going through the crowded areas and learnt that it was closed for a few days.

While on our way back, we spotted Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant and decided to give it a try as they were selling Boat Noodles too. Crowd in the restaurant and the cohort of staff in purple gave us no reason to turn such a similar deal off, moreover they are located next to the river too.

Preparing Boat Noodles
Preparing Boat Noodles

Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant has an army of staff and everyone has its dedicated tasks. There were a few counters preparing Boat Noodle and a stall preparing my favourite fishballs.

Fishballs / Meatballs - 10 Baht
Menu was laminated and was tourist friendly in English as well as pictures for illustrations. It was a simple menu with 5 dishes and the choice of noodles.

Turn over the menu and you can enjoy ordering their sides or even Thai desserts.

Cups of ice were place on the table in steel cups. Being a non-local we were rather stunned as we did not order any drinks but after a while we realized that these cups are for.

And finally the first bowl of boat noodles came. Just like what everyone was talking about, the bowl comes with few strands of noodles, easily gobble down in a mouth or two. It is quite common to see tables with stacks of empty bowls due to such small servings. 

Dry Noodle without soup was tasty with spinach, meat balls and lean meat, loaded with grated peanuts, chilli flakes. Soon after I finished my serving,the fiery sensation took effect.

Dry Noodle without Soup (Rice Vermicelli)
The thicken Soup tasted not too far from the dry noodle and had its on traits. Noodles was moistened by the thickened soup. Portion of the soup was not too much till the extent of covering up the noodles. The soup has coarse particles in it and add on to the burning tongue.

Thicken Soup with pork
Meat was tender for pork as well as beef slices. We ordered the Egg Noodles for the beef with thickened soup. Even though chilli has overshot my threshold of spiciness, I would say that having Boat Noodles in Bangkok really gave a challenge to my limits.

Thicken Soup with Beef (Egg Noodle)

Besides having boat noodles, I totally swept off by their meat balls. They came in a stick of four with sweet & spicy chilli coated. These meatballs were springy and were big differences to what I had in Singapore.


Looks like the portion was too small for our appetite? Despite the spiciness, we ordered another recommended item on the menu.

Menu for Fish Meat - 50 Baht
We can every get such cheap deal in Singapore for a plate of fish at about $2 SGD. This is really a steal! Fish slices were boiled and you can sense the freshness as well as tenderness from it. The dish was accompanied by loads of vegetables, including shredded cabbages and carrots. Bored of going plain with the fish? Why not dip them into the given chilli sauce with fish paste, this just won't go wrong!

Boiled Fish Meat - 50 Baht
The burning hot sensation on the tongue not only brought tears to the eyes and we ended up cooling the spice with a cup of Thai Ice Tea. Don't get me wrong, even though it was real spicy leting tears out, I'm still in love with their boat noodles.

Thai Milk Tea

Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant
Location: Phahonyothin Alley Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok, Thailand

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