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Monday, April 17, 2023

Baliban Braised Duck 八哩半卤鸭

It won't go wrong to visit Baliban Braised Duck if you are looking for Braised Duck in Johor Bahru. Baliban Braised Duck is a 3rd generation business where the braised duck is served including various parts of the ducks like wings, blood, as well as duck tongue since 1973. 

Baliban Braised Duck 八哩半卤鸭 

The ambience is rather unit to us for its locality was king of old school and a Kopitiam situated in a "kampong" area. For the outdoor settings, you can sit under the zinc roof of the leafy trees.

Big Old Tree

Owner Mr Quek who was busy at work was smiling away. He was sociable and since our first visit, he remembered us. Look at the amount of Braised Duck he is chopping.

Owner Mr Quek at Work

Baliban Braised Duck is popular among the locals and parking can be very tricky in that area. The dining area is airy and clean.

Our Lunch

With so much delicious food on the table, we cannot wait to dig in now!

Noodles Meal

The slices of duck meat were savoury and soaked up in its stock with no gaminess taste. Love its tenderness and the generous amount of Chinese parsley given. The braised duck was carefully deboned which make it easier for the diners.

Yummy Braised Duck

In no Time, the plate containing slices of delicious braised duck was emptied.

Braised Duck

Their signature braised duck lives up to their name and is simply worth the calories. 

Braised Duck

Braised flavors on the braised duck are noteworthy.

Topped with Chinese Parsley

The herbal pork trotters are one of the dishes that many patrons will order and its hard to resist. The pork was well braised and palatable in its sauce like their Signature Braised Duck and it's a good pairing to the bowl of fragrant white rice.

Braised Pork Trotters

If you have space for more food, do order their braised pig offals and eggs. They are yummy and well braised. 

Pig Offals

Side dishes like preserved vegetables can be a good pairing to the plates of braised meats. These preserved greens were sweet and has a good ratio of saltiness in it.

Preserved Vegetables

When it comes to braised items ordering, these Tau Kwa are good to have. 

Tau Kwa

Not forgetting the Tau Ki too. 

Tau Ki

For those who prefer noodles to rice, try ordering their Kway Teow in herbal soup. They are a good alternative too.

Kway Teow

It was a scrumptious meal indeed and Owner Mr Quek is very friendly. If you are a fan of braised duck, this place is highly recommended. 

Baliban Braised Duck 八哩半卤鸭 
Malaysia, Johor, Johor Bahru, 6719409, MY JOHOR SKUDAI 1.5244786, 103邮政编码: 81300

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