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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Knowing MK is the largest chain restaurant in Thailand we decided to give them a try despite the not so good experience we had from Singapore. The long queues outside MK in Terminal 21 and sophisticated numbering system were part of the deciding factor having MK as our dinner.

MK in Terminal 21
We approached these 2 ladies in uniform for our queue numbers. The queue system worked differently from the usual ones in Singapore as it was not based on first come first served basis. In fact, it was based on the number of diners and the availability of the seating.

Queue Assistance
While waiting outside the restaurant, we passed our time watching MK's kitchen helpers cutting up the roasted meats through the glass panels. Meanwhile, we also browse through the menu and place our orders with them via their handheld device. Fortunately, we got a table within10 minutes of wait despite the snaky queues and was ushered to a clean, spacious and comfortable seating.

While waiting for the seats
  Dining environment was modern with each table separated by a divider.

Dining Environment
If you notice, each divider has a slot consisting of their hard copy of menu. Although most restaurants are equipped with self service ordering system attached to every table, hard copies are still preferred from time to time.

Divider with menu
Restaurant was decorated with Christmas decorations with festive songs in the background, not only that the festive ambiance was also enhance by the staff who wore reindeer hairbands as well as santa caps.

Festive Mood


Notice this cute little duck on the table as we sat down. It was both a tissue holder as well as feedback form holder. Shortly after we sat down, plates after plates of ordered items were served to us gradually. The speed was really impressive.

Tissue Holder
Slice pork set was served in a plate of pork slices neatly placed. Each piece of the slice pork is thin and tasty. Dip them into the clear and subtle broth for about half minute and enjoy the meat.

Slice Pork Set - 170 Baht
Never miss their special sauce, do dab your food items and enjoy the taste to the fullest. Warning, its a tad sweet and spicy.

MK's Special Sauce
Some of the items came in a tray form which is stackable and save some table spaces.

Though the portion of fish noodle might be miserable, the thick fish noodle was soft and springy. Having it for a start of the meal really gave me a good impression.

Fish Noodle - 47 Baht

While the fish dumpling portion looked better than the former. They are one of our must items for the steam boat.

Fish Dumplings - 60 Baht
Wakame came in a tray of 4 and was beautifully rolled into a rose shape.

Wakame - 30 Baht
Vegetables set filled the plate with toufu, sweet corn, enoki, mushroom, white and black fungus.

Vegetables Set - 165 Baht
Roasted meat is a must try, it won't be a complete trip to MK if you miss them. The roasted meat was glistering and lavished with savoury sauce. Appetizers like preserved ginger as well as cucumber slices by the side.

Roasted Duck and Crispy Pork - 170 Baht
Skipping the rice wtih green noodles as replacement.

Green Noodles - 52 Baht

We had Mango Passion Shake and Watermelon Shake (50 Baht). They were quite sweet and served in tall elegant glass with a spoon.

Mango Passion Shake - 70 Baht

Overall, I'm quite please with the Suki (steamboat) from MK and its impeccable service. Not only that it had gave me another view point for them. However, Singapore MK resturant is not doing its brand name justice firstly with its service and secondly with its price. Service of MK in Singapore is nothing comparable to MK in Bangkok.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location:  2,88 Sukhumvit Soi 19(Wattana) Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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