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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar

One of the snacks which I will never fail to order when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. With the skilled of the helpers, both rolls were easily wrapped by in no time. The lady took out the translucent rice paper and boxes of ingredients from the fridge, these Fresh spring rolls which consists of rice noodles, prawns, lettuce was neatly done up. Ingredients like Basil leaves & cilantro were missing from the roll. While I'm expecting to enjoy dipping them over the fragrant peanut sauce, they have such sauce replaced by sweet and spicy chilli. 

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar

Wrapping the rolls

Fresh Spring rolls - $3.90 ( 2 pcs)

Taste of Pho with Beef Balls was disappointing. Soup was totally lacking in taste and without the original herbal taste.It is not anything close to a Vietnamese Bowl of noodles. Instead the greens was replaced by spring onions and tomatoes while pork balls given tasted ordinary. Add some lime juice over the broth to enhance its taste.

Viet Style Beef / Pork Balls noodle Soup - $4.90
Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favorite cuisine and not to mentioned I'm quite a supporter for their pho as well as summer rolls. Having tried their Cuisine both locally and overseas (Vietnam), the bowl of noodle was a shock to me given that the helpers are actually Vietnamese. Perhaps I am one who prefer a stronger taste and expecting a good broth out of their noodle soup. Sighs, it looks like I have to continue searching for Vietnamese Food from the food court that hit the right notes.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Little Hanoi Noodle Bar
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #B1 Singapore 608532 

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