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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Having been to Sanpoutei latest outlet in Orchard, its time to try out their ramen from the 1st outlet. Sanpoutei in Holland Village is strategically located within 1 minute or less walking distance from the exit of Holland Village MRT Station via Circle Line Exit B.

Sanpoutei Holland Village
Traditions and style are more or less identical to what I had seen in their other outlet, charming with wooden theme furnishing featuring a modern Japanese cosy environment.

Some of the dining area was partitioned to mid level with grills. I'm quite comfortable with such settings as it enclosed us to an area especially we are on a small group gathering for dinner and we can exchange our chats easily.

The dining crowd has a good balance of Japanese and locals.

Dining Space
With partitioning around, servers have to be extra attentive and have to be on standby by the walk ways in case any customers have some requests.

Looking through the partitioning

The Qoo soft drink perhaps need no further explanation as this drink is rather common in singapore.
Not only that Fuji apple is one of the most famous apple in Japan and this drink is close to drinking a cup of apple juice.

Qoo Fuji Apple - $3

Fujiya Nectar Peach is made from juicy and refreshing peach pureed. The peach flavoured drink was a very good experience to try out it's sweetness from the nectar and richness of the fruit.

Fujiya Nectar Peach - $5
Calpico is a Japanese non carbonated softdrink made of high quality milk. When asked how does it taste like, the server relate me to the popular cultured milk drink, Yakult. Indeed it tasted like one with refreshing sweet tangy tasted with hints of yogurt and citrus flavours.

Calpico - $5
If you have some stomach spaces to start with, do try out their Agedashi Tofu, they are really good!
Agedashi Tofu - $6.80
Having tried their Tsukumen the last round in Orchard which left so much impression even till now, it didn't stop us from ordering the same dish again!

Tsukumen - $14.50
Tsukumen is one of the best choices with 1.5x noodle volume. Being springy, smooth and silky texture is one of the top reasons of be coming back to them. Awww its still addictive!

The soup is thick and richly filled with sardines. Yummy!

Rich dried sardine Soup
Another value for money meal will be their Maze Soba Aburi Chashu with chicken soup with noodle volume 1.5 times too. Those flat noodles are homemade in the shop using their noodle making machine.

Maze Soba Aburi Chashu with Chicken Soup - $13.50
The fragrant and tender aburi chashu was chopped into pieces after prepared in the stew for about 3 hours and roasted right before serving. 3 pieces of seaweeds were given and paired with their special sauce made of dried sardine oil, spicy and shoyu condiment.

Chicken soup was perfect on the go with the dried flat noodles. They were very fragrant and tasty with hints of chicken and mushrooms. It just wont go wrong ordering this.

Close up of Maze Soba Aburi Shashu

Deliciously rich TORI x MISO Ramen has it broth simmered under the fire about 8 hours with SANPOUTEI original blend MISO. It was served in a metal liked bowl with stir fried vegetables and minced chicken, flavoured soft-boiled egg and Aburi Chashu. Totally yummy!

Rich TORI x MISO Ramen - $16

For those who enjoy spicy can opt to have their Spicy Version of Rich TORI x SPICY-MISO Ramen. Likewise, the broth is rich and perfect with TORI soup stock mixed with SANPOUTEI Original Spicy-MISO blend MISO. We upgraded the dish with extra Aburi Chashu and was really contented  to have 5 pieces of tender charred meat. The feeling when you got the Aburi Chashu into your mouth and tinge of smokiness from them was just heavenly.

Rich TORI x SPICY-MISO Ramen with Extra Aburi Chashu - $19
Having a tried dining at both Sanpoutei Outlets, I conclude that service are above expectations with servers being responsive and attentive. Food wise, it's really addictive and I can imagine heading down for their ramens and sides again.

With so many Ramen joints coming up recently, I hope SANPOUTEI standards can remain or even excel under stiff competition and stands up among the rest.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: 253 Holland Ave #01-01 Singapore 6278982

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