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Monday, February 9, 2015

d'Good Cafe

I came to know of d'Good Cafe from the attention drawing swings that caught my sight as we drove pass Holland Village area on one of the weekends and jotted down that we should visit this place in near future.
d'Good Cafe

d'Good Cafe is located right in the heart of Holland Village in a 3 storey high building. Cafe was whimsically decorated with different concepts in different section (coffee counter, lawn, attic and alfresco) each having their own identity.

Entrance to Coffee Counter

Doggy rummaging through the sack of beans

At the stairways

Cafe can be entered through a stained glass door and up on the flights of stairs leading you to their coffee bar or alternatively you have to take a hidden lift from the ground level of a facial clinic to reach the cafe.

On the 2nd Floor there is a coffee counter where orders are being made and collected in industrial theme, featuring cement screed flooring. It is suitable for those who like to have some constant strong whiff from the aroma of coffee beans or having chats over the counter with the barristers.

Coffee Counter

Please do not touch
On the Coffee Bar Counter


Retro Bike
Hanging on the bicycle

While at the other section of level 2, you will get to find their lawn featuring wooden swings suitable for couples passing their lovely time overseeing the view through the glass panels.

Moving up another level and turning left for their Alfresco Seating or right to the attic.

Turn Left or Turn Right

Alfresco Seating will be great if you enjoy people watching and the lives in Holland Village. Tables and chairs were well set under a white tentage decorated with romantic lighting.

Alfresco Seating
And into the attic which is probably the most preferred hangout session for families especially with kids. The place is child friendly with beanbags, children tables and big teddy bears around as well as wooden rocking reindeer. This cosy area is also suitable for students for studying or even little group project discussion as there are electrical points provided.

Children Table

Wooden Ride

Children Tool
Retro decors

Level 3 Attic

Level 3 Attic

Mocha Frappe was pretty well done with a good balance of both mocha and chocolate added with whipped cream.

Mocha Frappe - $7.50 (Large)
Collected my waffle with gelato once my beeper ringed and had to head all through the stairs for my food and up again. The collection point was rather narrow and one might has to take caution in case of bumping into another person with the food on hands.

Collection Counter
I topped up my plain waffle with Strawberry ice cream at additional of $3 and enjoyed them with chocolate syrup. The waffle was rather average with no traits of fluffiness or any crispiness at its edge. However to balance out the score for the dessert, strawberry ice cream tasted quite positive to me. If you are ordering only plain waffles , you have the choice to have it served with butter or maple syrup.

Plain Waffle - $4 + Gelato Strawberry $3

d'Good Cafe is definitely a good spot to chill and a place full of live for their interesting decorations and concepts. Although there are still many more cafes to visit in Singapore, I would say that there is high possibly I will be back here again, perhaps for their breakfast.

Rating: 3 / 5

d'Good Cafe
Location: 273 Holland Ave #02-01/02 Singapore 278992
Operating Hours:  Sun-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri & Sat 10am-10pm

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