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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hombre Cantina

Homebre Cantina is set on the riverside stretch of boat quay to satisfy your cravings for Mexican Flavours. 

The term "Hombre" is an affectionate slang for "dude" in Spanish. Positioned itself as Cantina since the first day of opening in Sept 2013, this Gastrobar served casual delicious Mexican food at a great value.

Facade of Hombre Cantina
Ordering is make easy in few Steps: Step 1 - Choosing your mains at $15+ each and Step 2, Choose your fillings & Salsa. This concept gives customer a choice to build their own Mexican bites in a casual and comfortable environment for the mains while sides, soups and desserts can be ordered separately.

Some have the idea that a Mexican Bar is about Tequilas, this can't go wrong for you as Hombre Cantina is known for one of the widest Tequilas selection in Singapore. Do join in the fun.

Drinks Menu
Environment is unpretentious with Sobreros hanging on the walls indicating Hombre Cantina's Owners' name.

Interior was relaxing in its rustic decor with walks decked up in reclaimed timber palates, creating a beach vibe. Given that the flooring and bar counter has no further decors, just mainly cement screed, I find that its Simple, yet interesting.

Following the Mexican style where diners are free to help themselves, for food ordering, one can head straight into the shop to place their order.

Counter and interior
Free WIFI Connection is provided in the cantina, and to receive free mini magarita or chip and salsa, do like Hombre Cantina on the Facebook.

Check it out
Diners are free to sit anywhere even under bright  yellow tentage by the side of the river.

Yellow Tentage

Head down for their daily specials from Monday to Friday, 7 - 9pm.


Menu on the table to guide diners

Any upcoming Events will be written on the blackboard.

Events board
The colors combination from the basket of nachos chips together with the different level of spice from the salsa sauce was attention snatching. Starting with the mild spice is the one on the extreme left, followed by the medium spiciness from the fire roasted tomato and the hottest among all, Salsa verde.

Nachos served with salsa
Chips were all fried fresh from the kitchen and was very crispy throughout. The crispiness from the chips are perfect on the go with the sauces.

There were a number of Salsas for pairing but the style I like most is the Pineapple Chile. Tomato, onions and pineapples are chopped into fine pieces and mixed together with cilantro, tangy and appetizing.

Pineapple Chile
Its yummy nachos time! These tortilla chips were topped with black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and fresh cilantro.

The cheesy Quessadillas were fragrant and with grilled with Hombre 's burnt cheese blend under the folded Tortilla. We had them served with roasted chicken thigh and it was not too bad.

Quesadillas - Roasted chicken Thigh

While we had another version of Quesadillas with Braised Beef Brisket pairing up with the Hot Salsa verde.

Quesadillas with Braised Beef Brisket Fillings and Salsa Verde 

The texture of the tortilla was a tad cripsy and soft with the beef brisket and the melting cheese.

A close up on the beef brisket
The cross section of the Burrito looked neat and yummy. Tortilla was used to wrapped mexican-style rice, black beans, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo & sour cream. Braised Beef Brisket was chosen as the filling.

Burrito with braised beef brisket

Fret not for the healthy goers. Hombre Cantina had them at heart by having fillings choice with roasted veggies.

Though these Burritos may look enticing, they may also lead us to quite a mess if they are not handled properly. Serving size was thick and quite unglam for the ladies to eat as fillings are often seen dropping out onto the table.

Probably, the trick in reducing the mess is to dig a spoon into the Burritos.

Vegetarian Burrito
Tacos comes in a basket of 3, with soft corn tortillas topped with cabbage & pico de gallo. Again, with their brilliant idea of letting dinners choose their own fillings and salsa makes eating fun.

We had the fried pacific dory in Tacos filling, one featuring the Hot Salsa verde while the other fire roasted tomato. Do note that Salsa verde can be burning on the tongue.

Tacos with Fried Pacific Dory and Salsa Verde
If you want to skip the spicy version, I suggest adding the medium Salsas on your mains as a safer choice or even the Mild Pineapple chile.

Tacos with Fried Pacific Dory and Fire Roasted Tomato
Last but not least from the main, we had the Mexican-Style rice bowl filled with black beans, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Rice Bowl with Fried Pacific Dory
Taking off the alcoholic edge with the Mexican Style Corn as well as the Chicken Chicharrones.

Having grown up in Asia, grilled corn cob was nothing extra-ordinary as they are rather common as a side in western food. Perhaps a twist in the ingredients of serving using their Hombre's spice blend and grated cheese spelt out the differences between the Mexican Style and Asian Style of preparation. Some parts of the corn kernels were charred adding on to the dish taste, however it lacked the juiciness and the bursting effect from the corn as I bite them between my teeth.

Mexican Corn - $8
Chicken Chicharrones are recommended sides and they are actually fried chicken skins with Hombre's spice blend. It is close to tasteless if it was without the spice blend, however if you where to sprinkle some lime juice over them, it kind let some refreshing taste into the bites.

Chicken Chicharrones - $10
To enjoy your Mexican bites to the fullest, they are best to dine in their Hot Sauce. Do add some onto your food!

Hot Sauce
And going into the beverages that one should not miss in the Mexican Cantina.

Beer - Pacifico & Dos XX Amber - $12 & $11
An absolute surprise to us. Tamarindo is their classic made up of chilli and Tamarind.  One may be pondering what's the green thingy floating in the middle, its actually a spicy green chilli with its seeds afloat. The fantastic combination of these two main ingredients was definitely a great harmony to the tongue as there was no fiery kick but rather addictive with the urge to sip more of it.

Tamarindo - $15

Fruta can be made to taste with Passion fruit or watermelon. This fruity taste from the drink consists of freshly squashed passion fruit and 50ml of Tequila with salt clinging on the rim of the glass cup.

Fruta - $15

Overall, the place is perfect for a chillout, eat and enjoy the snacks along the beautiful scene of the quay. This trip gave me a deeper understanding of Mexican Dining Environment and somehow I derive that though there are different dishes in the menu, the permutations of ingredients in each dish were somehow repetitive to me and its more of less like eating the same thing, uniquely Mexican.

Thanks OpenRice for invitation.

Rating: 3 / 5

Hombre Cantina
Location: 53 Boat Quay Singapore 049842

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