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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chicken Hotpot

Chicken Hotpot is originated from Shanghai, 69 Wu Jiang Road. It was featured by MediaCorp TV Programme on Channel 8 in Singapore and was voted as the "Top 10 Snacks" in Shanghai. They are also highly recommended by famous food connoisseur Choi Lan in Hong Kong.

Chicken Hotpot
Fridge with additional items to top up the hotpot

Chicken hotpot
Having been to Shanghai and eaten their authentic Chicken Hotpot where one is allowed to go into the kitchen to select the fresh rooster and get it prepared into the hotpot, I'm kind of missing such delicacies. Just right in time with the recent Groupon Promotion, we manage to get some discounts off the hot pots.


Chicken Hotpot Origins

There were 4 kinds of hot pots namely beef, chicken, prawns and fish and we have chosen the Chicken pot as what's its business name suggests.

Chicken Hot Pot comes with 3 sizes and 3 different spicy level, small, medium large and Non-spicy, mild spicy and spicy respectively. We took up the Medium size which costs $21.80 Originally and paired them with white rice, noodles as well as sides like Sotong Balls.

Noodle with packaging - $1.80
Noodles without packaging

Fishballs - $3.80

Earthen clay-pot was stacked above the flaming fire which contained braised tender chicken, serving in their pot of famous broth loaded with fresh vegetables like onions, capsicums, celery and lettuce. Beware of the bubbling hot thick gravy over the heat. The medium spiciness was quite bearable and we had topped them up with chilli flakes.The rainy weather came well in time as I totally enjoy having such hot stuff during cool weathers. I bet many of us do too!

Chicken Hotpot - $21.80 (Medium)

Chicken Hotpot

We had cold drinks like Ice Lemon Tea ($2.50) and Barley ($2.50) to ease the spice during the meal. Staff on service was attentive and prompt in topping up the soup to our hotpots.

Ice Lemon Tea & Barley
It was a enjoyable session, however it was nothing compared to the one I had in Shanghai but still close enough consider its in Singapore. With promotions ongoing, I find it reasonable to visit them again but one thing to note that the price of sides in the fridge are consider dear. Consider the normal prices and its portion, its quite expensive but still good to have once in a while.

Rating: 3 / 5

Chicken Hotpot 
Location:Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #04-08 Singapore 608532

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