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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji 香港街珍記

Weekends are meant for good meals and with the sibling's recommendation, we have agreed to head down to Ang Mo Kio Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji for a Cze Char dinner despite the heavy downpour.

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji

The dish was a noteworthy item just as recommended on their menu. Cuttlefish given was generous and was soft and chewable while the Sambal was not too spicy together with the cut pieces of Fried Kang Kong.

Fried Kang Kong Sambal with Cuttlefish 鱿鱼蕹菜 - $12

Large chunks of fish meat with slices of ginger and vegetables together with thick bee hoon are the usual sights that we expect from Cze Char's stall Fish Meat Noodle Soup. I was rather disappointed with the soup as it was rather bland without much taste but on a good note, usage of MSG is minimal.

Sum Kee Fish Meat Noodle Soup 珍记鱼肉粗米粉 - $7

The pork ribs are indeed very flavourful with sweetness and sour taste. It was intense and the amount of meat given was generous. It's recommended just as what they state on their menu.

Sum Kee Pork Ribs 珍记排骨王 - $10

"Wok Hei" taste from the "San Lao" Hor Fun was present. This individual serving of Hor Fun had a significant use of fish slices as well as bean sprouts.

Sum Kee "San Lao" Hor Fun 招牌三捞河粉 - $6

It was a tasty and recommended dish on its menu but, to be honest, it's good but not to die for as there are better ones out there.

Fish Slices and Bean Sprouts

The exterior texture of the roll was indeed very thin and crispy, unlike what I had in most Cze Char Stall. As for its fillings, its rather ordinary, pairing up with the sweet sauce provided.

Crispy Prawn Roll 珍记虾枣 - $10

Though the cereal prawn was packed with fragrance and hints of milk powder, we still find that the taste of prawns was kind of lacking and bland. 

Cereal Prawn 香脆麦片虾 - $22

The taste from the "star" of the dish was not up to our expectation but instead the cereal that is complimenting the prawns taste better as a whole. Well, I would have skipped this dish.

Close up on Cereal Prawn

With some hits and misses, if I'm going for popular dishes like San Lao Hor Fun, Fish Meat Noodle Soup and Crispy Prawn Roll, I will most likely go to the usual Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun. However, their menu was rather standard and not with a variety like Hong Kong Street. In addition, with so many dishes ordered, we felt that the price was reasonable & pocket friendly for a popular Cze Char place like this. It is definitely a good place for a family meal during the weekends and do note that reservations can be made in advance for big groups only.

Rating : 3 / 5

Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji 香港街珍記
Location: 158 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, 01-590, Singapore 560158

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