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Friday, February 27, 2015

Eighteen Chefs

A recent trip to Tiong Bahru made us realized that the mall was under going a major renovation and a number of eateries had been affected which includes Eighteen Chefs but that doesn't stop us from visiting them. Instead, we were shocked on its numerous outlets in Singapore. We went ahead to its Bukit Panjang outlet during the Chinese New Year Period.

Eighteen Chefs
I learned about 18 Chefs when my ex colleagues were talking about the Yellow Ribbon Project. Lending a 2nd chance to ex convicts who wished to turn over a new leaf by giving them jobs without discrimination, this may sound be very common but what spurred interest in the conversation was the man behind Eighteen Chefs.

Good People Great Food
Yes! The one who is generally bigger in size, stern looking with arms folded and bald, found on the posters somewhere in the restaurant. He was once one of those guys behind the bars falling in and out of the rehabilitation center for about 10 years because of drug addiction. Till he met repeated rejections from his applications due to his background, but these does not deter his motivation to proceed onto the right track.

Slot Under Table
 So much about the eatery founder and background. It's time for us to indulge in food!

We started off with chicken soup as the soup of the day. The soup was tasteless and with almost no ingredients, disappointing.

Soup of the day
Snack platter consists both fried fish and chicken nuggets, calamari and fries with a cheese fondue dip. The cheese was hold by a porcelain holder and maintaining its warm temperature from the heat of the burning candle.  The cheese are of fader color, unlike the usual nachos dip we had from the movie threatre and of more dilute, however once you dip in, it's really an addiction.

Cheesy Snack Platter - $14.90

Cheesy Platter
Cheese Fondue

Oops. It seems like the chips are repeated from the platter and I'm of no fries lover but thanks to the dip, it's kind of hard to resist dipping those fries into the cheese. Fish and chips was Root Beer battered and used use are one of the better grades. Mains can be upgraded into Combo as stated below.

Combo A - Drink + Ice Cream: $3.30
Combo B - Drink + Soup of the Day: $3.80
Combo C - Drink + Soup of the Day + Garlic Bread: $4.80

And we had both upgraded to Combo A.

 Fish & Chips - $13.80


Beverage was lightly infused with tea fragrant added with a slice of lemon and was not too sweet.

Handmade Ice Lemon Tea - $2.80 (Comes together with the combo)
One of the recommended dishes on its menu. This popular favourite Japanese Curry was complimented with the tenderness from the New Zealand Chilled Beef. Though it was indicated as spicy, I find it was more of sweetness than any spicy stuff. Love this dish!

Japanese Curry Beef Rice - $13.80
Here comes dessert time! Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream on waffles for the sweet tooth and if you have some stomach space after the mains!

Raspberries & Vanilla Ice-Cream - $7.50
Overall, food was on the average side but at an affordable pricing. Students, senior citizens as well as indicated cards holder (e.g. NTUC Plus members) are entitled discounts from their meals.

Rating: 3 / 5

Eighteen Chefs
Location: Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Road #02-19 Singapore 677743

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