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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Suda Restaurant

Suda Restaurant is just located within 2 minute of walking distance from Tune Hotel Asoke. They are fully packed every night without fail with their die hard fans queuing up for seats even late at night. It was strongly recommended by comments from Trip Advisor. With so many food and restaurant packed in our To Do Lists, we finally managed to slot them in our last dinner meal of the trip.

Suda Restaurant
Interior was rather simple and down to earth with decent dining area, tables and comfortable seating. Just like any other restaurant in Thailand, their walls are plastered with advertisements.

Interior settings
Just like any other days, their restaurant was packed and every workers was seen putting 100% concentration on their job. A glance through the entrance of the kitchen,  it seems like the orders were just going in non-stop. I was amazed when a 70 years old grand ma approached us guiding us to the available seating in fluent English.

Busy Kitchen

Watermelon juice was served with ice and has a sweetened taste

Water Melon Juice
Do not get brought away by the glass of "chang beer", oops I mean the Ice Thai Tea was served in a Chang Beer Glass filled with mini ice and was really cooling.

Thai Ice Tea -
Though it was really crowded, the appearance of our first dish came in no time - less than 10 minutes of waiting.  Fried chicken was tender and was almost 50 to 50 in terms of portions to the cashew nuts. These tenders fried with cashew and roasted chilli paste were good.

Fried Chicken with cashew nut and roasted chilli paste - 150 Baht
Was quite stunned to see on its menu with Deep Fried Chicken Wrapped in Banana Leaves. They looked more like pandan leaves though. Every piece of chicken was well wrapped in the leaves and tied up, fried and served. As we uncovered the fried chicken, we enjoyed taking out the crisp dried leaves and revealed the charred chicken meat.

Deep Fried Chicken Wrapped in Banana Leaves - 120

They were consistently cooked, however I find that the marinate was not that strong and it wasnt too sweet.

Chicken in leaves
Seafood Tom Yum comes with the unclear soup. There were a handful of ingredients involved, generous, I would say. Seafood like fish and prawns were fresh. However I would prefer them to be stronger in the lemongrass fragrance though the chilli spice tasted abit hotter.

Hot & Spicy Seafood Soup - 170
It feels like having ebi tempura, in fact it was but in the thai version. Prawns were fresh and big coated in breaded crumps and deep fried to golden brown perfections. Long beans was deep fried too, making up part of the dish. Also, this dish was accompanied by sweet thai chilli sauce. Although they were deep fried, they were not seen to be oily.

Deep Fried Shrimp with sweet sauce - 150 Baht
Here comes the real stomach fillers, Thai Fried rice had a consistency of yellow color through the grains. They were fragrant and tasty, revealing hints of fish sauce taste. Chicken was also added to the sweetness of the rice.

Fried Rice
Suda Restaurant is quite popular among the locals as well as tourists. For myself, I prefer a stronger taste from Thai Food and their taste was slightly bland but still with high turn over after so many nights of observations, I can say that food are fresh. The place is great for gathering and if you want to enjoy some local food out of the mall, Suda Restaurant will be one of the better reach outs.

Rating:  3 / 5

Suda Restaurant
Location: 6 Sukhumvit Khlong Toei Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat (11 am  - 12am), Sun (4pm - 12am)

Nearest BTS Station: Asok

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