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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taiwan Nostalgia

Having walk round JB City Square a few rounds, we finally make up our mind and headed for Taiwanese Cuisine. We were quite please to see the crowd in the restaurant and went right ahead without giving much thought.

Taiwan nostalgia is located at a corner of level 3 somewhere near the escalator towards the link bridge to the Malaysia custom. Wifi is available in the restaurant if you are looking for some cyber connections via your smart phone.

Taiwan Nostalgi
We were served with menus as soon as we settled down in the restaurant.

 Interior was decorated in modern Taiwanese style with soothing background pop music mainly from Taiwanese Singers. One thing I noticed about the ceilings was that there are patches of water stains on the fore-ceiling which make me feel a little bit uncomfortable dining there.

Verbana tea comes in a pot, served with wooden tray with 2 porcelin cups. Having this herbal tea not only boost the mood, it also aids digestion. There are many kinds of teas available on the menu with their health benefits summarized.

Verbana - RM 9.90

Unlike the hot tea, my cup of lime green tea with plum comes in a sealed disposable cup.

Lime Green Tea with Plum - RM 7.50
I have been missing Taiwanese food lately and upon spotting their braised meat rice, I planned to order it without much thought. I took the set menu to enjoy my meal to the fullest. Set meal is completed with a bowl of rice, soup, vegetable and dessert.

Minced Meat Rice - RM 10.90
Luckily the portion of the rice came in small portion topped with favourful minced meat adorn by a little stalk of coriander leaves and not forgetting the full size braised egg. Meat was tasty and recommendable!

Minced Meat Rice
Vegetables strikes a good balance for a healthy meal. However the temperature of the food was not really ideal.

While the meatballs were served together with the soup and they are bouncy.

Meat ball soup
The meatball was cut into quarters, easier for us to chew on.

A glance onto other tables and you can see one of such Taiwanese Omelette was ordered.

Taiwan Omelette - RM 7.00
Interestingly prepared in a roll form which reminds me of our local "popiah". A close look at it and you will see that the roll is actually made up of crispy "roti prata" filled with egg, meat floss and cabbages.

Here's the cross section of the roll.

Cross Section

Another attractive dish ordered was crispy salted chicken ramen. It was nicely done with portions of ingredients neatly place in the respective sector: Cripsy chicken,  beansprouts, vegetables, shredded carrots, braised egg and braised minced meat with ramen all buried under them. We started by mixing everything together and get a "mess" in the bowl. Everything was good except that the noodle was a tad dry, perhaps there was not enough oil given for the noodles.

Crispy Salted Chicken Ramen - RM 11.90
This was the long awaited dish and it came finally after few rounds of chasers. Served in claypot with burning fire, Mapo Tofu was really spicy and oily, living up to the dish's name. Ingredients like minced meat, tofu, chilli and mushrooms were distinctively bubbling under the flame. This dish is not recommended if you cannot take a higher level of spice.

Mapo Tofu Pot - RM 17
Our meal end off with a chilled plate of cut pears, with compliments from the kitchen.

Afterall, I find that having Taiwan food in Taiwan Nostalgia was a good experience. Servers were all friendly and polite, quite on the ball type. Food wise, I would say portion and taste is decent to what we are paying for.

Rating: 3 / 5

Taiwan Nostalgia
Location: J3-17, Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square, 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru Town, 80000

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