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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lam's Salt Baked Chicken

Lam's Salt Baked chicken is located at the shop houses next to the main road with its Abalone Noodle stall right next to each other.

Having tried their noodles, I'm always pondering about the taste of its salted baked chicken as the aroma has filled the corridors and workers are seen preparing the kampong chickens for baking.

If not for the recent potluck gathering, I would have totally forgotten about Lam's Salt Baked chicken till I come across their shop again.

Nicely packed in a paper bag with foils and wax paper wrapped the aromatic baked chicken. As we tore open the paper, a heady scent of chinese herbs permeates. With its juices yielding to the knife's cut, everyone who in the house rushed in to have their lion's share.

Paper Bag

Salt Baked Chicken - $22
 Surprisingly, Salt Baked Chicken was succulent in the pool of luscious tonic broth. It's just more than addictive and we simply could not wait to have a bite of it. Though its process includes baking with salt, it was not that salty, not at all. Every bite of meat was accentuated with herbal taste and totally worth every penny we paid for! Recommended!

Rating: 4 / 5

Lam's Salted Baked Chicken
Location: 460 Race Course Road Singapore 218700

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