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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Aisa Restaurant

Whenever lunch times come, there will be a long queue just inside Aisa Restaurant and majority of them are blue collar workers. These stirred the curiosity in us and we decided to join the queue again. Knowing that the flooring was rather oily from the first visit, we were rather careful on our steps.

Aisa Restaurant
Most ordered items either goes to their Nasi padang or Nasi Briyani. As far as I could recalled from my first visit, the color of the long grain rice came in bright yellow color. The presentation from this mutton biryani looked difference. However, the rice remains fluffy and portions were real generous. Perhaps such amount can be shared by two pax.

Nasi Biryani (Mutton) - $6
Mutton was done with gravy and spice, reducing their natural meat odour.

Mutton Cubes
If you feel some heat on the tongue after having the mutton cubes, do try their salad which may reduce the spiciness from your taste buds.

Curry gravy for the biryani rice set was given in a disposable bowl.
Additional items like fried chicken can be added from the Nasi Padang item selections.

Mutton Briyani added with fried chicken - $7
While everyone was busying attending to the long queue with Biryani and Nasi Padang, those specially cook food order required some waiting time. Bee Hoon Goreng (Merah / Red) was tasty and wet, served in banana leaf just like their rice. Ingredients include cabbages, garlic, onions and vegetables. Small cut chillis were thrown into these bee hoon too, thus there is certain level of spiciness in it.

Bee Hoon Goreng - $3.50
As compared to their Bee Hoon Goreng, I will prefer such. Though ingredients were more or less the same, I find that Maggie Goreng tasted better.

Maggi Goreng - $3.50

Rating: 3 / 5

Aisa Restaurant
Location: Blk 39, Teban Gardens Road, #01-327, Singapore 600039

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