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Monday, December 22, 2014

Rangooli [Closed]

Rangooli is a nondescript restaraunt located at the quiet corner of the stretch of shop-houses along West Coast Road serving unpretentious Authentic North Indian Cuisine ranging from Curries to Tandoori.

With a guest who is vegetarian, Rangooli is a best place to dine as they cater options for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. I make a reservation over a phone call and had slight difficulties due to the strong accents, nevertheless I still managed to get our seats booked.

Restaurant was spacious and interoir decors were modern. Considering a lunch time period, there wasn't any crowd. There are only a few tables occupied.

Interior Dining Area

Service was friendly and attentive. The server had also recommended some of the food and portions ordered which we find it quite useful.



My all time favourite quencher from a North Indian Restaurant that will aid in reducing the heat on my tongue from the spicy food.

Mango Lassi - $3.50
A good choice to have if you are unsure what meat to have from the Tandoor Menu. This platter is a good selection of their In-House special specially prepared by chef with chicken, lamb, fish and prawns.Simply love the platter's intensive smoky flavours from the items. The only let down is perhaps its fish with a mushy texture.

Tandoori Platter - $30

With Cheese Garlic Naan at $7 and butter naan cut into pieces and placed in the basket. I would say my vote goes to the cheese garlic Naan for its crispy and savoury bite! It was so delicious that it can go plain without any dipping gravy.

With the white rice at $3, we rather pay another $1 more for the briyani rice. The fragrant long grains were in faint yellow colors and some of them orange in colors. These fluffy light grains were contained in the traditional heavy metal bowls giving me an experience of their culture.

Briyani Rice - $4
Prepared in spicy masala sauce with king prawns, the thick Malasala sauce is packed with tomato flavours added with green pepper, a perfect touch to go with the fragrant briyani rice.

King Prawn Masala - $20

Spot the juicy prawns, fresh and spicy. Yummy!

King Prawns
The ice cream had surprised the table of us with not only with its taste but also its texture. The milky cubes of vanilla white was served in chilled metal utensils and tasted as if condensed milk was put into the freezer. Some of us may find it too sweet!

Ice Cream
The place may look modest and quiet by itself in one corner but if you are looking craving for some authentic North Indian Food, this is the best choice with a reasonable pricing. Not only that this place is suitable for group gathering even when there are vegetarian/s in a group.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: Blk 505, West Coast Drive, #01-208 Singapore 120505

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