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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tony's Pizza

Tony's Pizza offers a classic hand tossed new york pizza. Located at the ground level of Bugis Junction and among the stretch of restaurants, Tony's Pizza had caught my attention.

The setup of Tony Pizza is backed by Cataluya, Au Chocolat and Kudeta.

Tony's Pizza
The brick walls furnishing through the numerous black glass flames and the blue lightings indicating pizza, buffalos wings, heros and pasta had inevitably drawn me closer to their entrance.

Tony's Pizza
In case you are coming from the mall, you can enter via the side entrance here.

Entry from the mall

Flooring of the entrance was fixed up in little tiles forming up their business name. Cool, isn't it?

Main Entrance
I never expect the place to be so crowded on a weekday night. Ordering is done through the counter and food will be sent to us.

Every table comes with condiments in a rack such as pepper, chilli flakes, Tabasco sauce, cheese and oregano.

Condiments Rack
Just above the condiments rack on our tables, the hanging of mistletoe had told us the festive mood is in the air.
Take a look at the sticker on the table, its there for a reason. Place your table tracker disc there and the server will come to you with your orders shortly.

Place Your Table Tracker Disc Here
While many of the restaurant are adopting the buzzer system for customers to collect their food w, Tony's Pizza's concept was the reverse. Upon ordering, customers are giving a tracker to place on the allocated place on the table. With the technology advancement and the intelligence of the tracker system, servers will know where we are sitting and serve the orders right onto our tables.


Spiciness at patrons preference with Naked, Mild, Hot, Atomic and BBQ as choices. Even though we had chosen the mild spiciness, we can still few a tad burning sensation on the side of our lips. The smell and diffusion of the spiciness was such strong to the point that if you breathe in a little deeper, it will cause a choke.But still, having the buffalo wings was a good shot, it was real delicious.

Buffalo Wings - $5.90 (6 Pieces)

Pasta was served in disposable and was better than expectations. Penne was cooked to al dente texture and were hot, coated in delicious meat sauce which is simmered for 4 long hours added with spring herbs and meat crumbs. Yummy!

Tony's Homemade Meat Sauce Pasta - $11.90
When I peeped over to other tables, most of them have a big pizza pan that took up almost the entire table, that is when you order the full size pizza. However, since there were not much of stomach space in us, we had to order them in slices.

Tony's Signature is on the top of our ordering list as we have the thought that if we go into their restaurant without trying their Signature Pizza, then it will be as good as a wasted trip. Generally, Tony's Pizza are large in size since they are following New York's Standard.

Tony's Signature - $7 per slice
 Tony's Signature Pizza comes with a thin dough base with ingredients like jalapeno, pepperoni, sausages, onions, bell peppers and black olives.

Ingredients for BBQ supreme looked almost identical to their signature slice. Ingredients such as bell peppers, sausage, roasted chicken, mushrooms and onions were used. BBQ sauce was then decorated in the form of zig-zag.

BBQ Supreme - $7  per Slice

BBQ sauce and ingredients
Having tasted numerous pizzas in Singapore, I find that Tony's Pizza is better than the conventional ones at least their dough was slimmer and ingredients were generous. If I'm craving for American Style Pizza again, I will not hesitate and give them a ring!

Rating: 3.5 /5

Tony's Pizza
Location: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St #01-68 Singapore 188021

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