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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pacific Marketplace

We chanced upon the spacious and classy environment of Pacific Marketplace as we came up from the carpark and had it marked on our schedules for the next meeting place sometimes back. Pacific Marketplace is a gourmet grocery and cafe offering pastries, coffees, sandwiches, chocolates as well as a fair range of cakes. It serves as a casual or business meeting place for its ambiance and lights is calm.


Dining Area

Dining Area
Menu were all written on in chalkboard which was placed above the counter or there are ipads available for us to read their digitized menu. However, there is no Ipad ordering system, we still need some physical touch with the humans for order taking.

Counter with Menu on Chalk board

Our meetup kicked off pretty fast with the greens. Nicoise Salad consisted of green beans, olives, seared tuna, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and Dijion vinaigrette was added separately base on our likings.

Nicoise Salad - $11.80
 One of the ought to try from their menu is their supermuffin. There are 5 unique choices of muffins with quirky names such as Chicken Run, The Hulk, Minotaur and krrish but we had chosen that most appeals to us, Ms Piggy. It was served on a ceremic black classy plate wrapped in baking paper with salad as sides. A fusion of English Muffin and Char Siew Bao is what I would describe. Given its savoury crusty exterior encasing the juicy pork collar meat in the seasoning mixture of Oyster Sauce, Hoisin sauce and shaoxing rice wine, a cut into them would just let out a aromatic gush into our nose. The traditional chinese barbequed pork fillings was generous and moist and with its crust mixed in salted egg yolk giving a buttery fragrance to the overall. It does really live up to its name sake, Super Muffin!

Ms Piggy - $7

Pan Pacific is highly raved for their butchery products as they contain no preservative, artificial colors and flavorings. Also they are known for using prime selected meats, quality is maintained and also one of the important factors why they are so popular.

Nods to the European Cuisine, Pacific Marketplace has introduced handcrafted sausages into their dinner menu using original recipes developed by a line of artisan germans. One of the highlights includes the English Bangers and Mash which is served with green peas, mesclun salad, mashed potatoes, country gravy and English Mustard to go along with the juicy and pork sausages.

English Bangers and Mash - $24

Close up

Sausage Platter came in an interesting combination of pork, veal bratwurst with muncher Weisswurste and Nurnberger served wutg nesckun salad, toasted rye bread, and german or mashed potatoes. As some of us is not having beef, we have replaced them with other flavour and we opted for german potatoes.

Wursteplatte (Sausage Platter) - $24
Overall, I'm pretty drawn to their environment and its really a good meeting place if you want to move away from the crowd for a simple yet savoury bite. Our only peeve was that the ordering service was below expectations with server forgetting food of our orders, furthermore with little knowledge of what is on the menu. Other than that,  the rest is all fine! I will like to make a return trip to have a try on the rest of the Super Muffins!

Rating: 3 / 5

Pacific Marketplace
Location: Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard Lobby Singapore 039595

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