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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nomu Nomu Cafe (Closed)

Nomu Nomu is one of the last few eating places I have not visited in Westgate. Located at the fourth level in Westgate shopping mall occupying a small area with dining area catering up to about 30 diners.

Nomu Nomu Cafe

They are serving modern Japanese inspired food such as soba dishes and Japanese Charcoal roasted coffee. Environment was cosy under the warm orange lights with comfortable settings ambiance.

Kitchen Counter

Dining Environment

Look at their cups, its so cute.

Warm Water

5 deep fried chicken wings were served in the basket, crispy at its golden brown exterior and served with its signature seaweed mayonnaise.

Seaweed Chikin Wings - $7.90

Seaweed Mayonnaise
Another starters ordered, featuring the Hokkaido Salmon Stew in carrots and potato cubes. Come with sweet flavour in the soup and salmon was soft. Quite an addictive bowl of soup!

Hokkaido Salmon Stew - $4.90

Under its rice section, we had Nomu Nomu's specialty which is their grilled miso sake don whereby the big piece of faint orange salmon was well covered up by a yellow of cheese topped with orange fish roes. Colors presentation is soothing and attractive to our eyes especially added with mixed vegetables on the top.

Grilled Miso Sake Don - $12.90

One of the recommended dish under the Sobas category,  the bowl of noodles is paired with 6 slices of pan seared honey glazed smoked duck and topped with soft molten lava boiled egg in the clear soup. The soba seems to be softer than our expectation, perhaps we had took a long time in phototaking before aiming our chopsticks at them.

Nomu Nomu Kamo Rosu Soba - $14.90

So much rave about ramen burger from the social media, I'm pleased to see there are 3 flavours of such New York Crazed Ramen burgers available in Nomu Nomu cafe.

Ramen Burger

We ordered the hamburger steak to share among ourselves and was pretty excited as we waited. Imagine a hamburger with steak has its buns replaced by ramen on its top and bottom with sides like fries and seaweed mayonnaise.

Ramen Burger - $11.90
Beef patty was juicy with caramelized onions, lettuce as well as tomato.

Hamburger Steak
Luckily the fries are not from the usual potato but its made from the sweet potato else I will get bored having similar sauce (seaweed mayonnaise). Temperature was warm and sweet potato was soft, sprinkled with salt. Yummy!

Sweet Potato Fries

Menu was rather limited but I don't mind making another trip to their Cafe again for such simple food and good service. Moreover the ambiance serves a good environment to catch up with some friends after work.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Nomu Nomu Cafe
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #04-37 Singapore 608532

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