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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hot Hot Pot

Speaking about having Mala Pot is never in my dictionary, perhaps upon hearing the 2 chinese characters "Mala", I'm already turned off. Literally it means numb and spicy, such thought for meal had totally never come across my mind.

Hot Hot Pot

However, such cuisine has become common nowadays and we can see them mushrooming even in food courts, coffeeshops other than the usual HDB shop houses, therefore its hard not to try them out especially its rave among my close pals and indeed, my journey of Mala Pot starts with them...

Hot Hot Pot is originated from Chongqing (China) Jinyun Mountain, a local favourite where it involved a mix variety of vegetables with seasonings. Meat, seafood and other item. In recent years, Sichuan's chefs have brought the recipe of their dry hot pot to the shores alter its taste to a fusion of their Sichuan style and Chongqing style dry pot which gave distinctive notes to diners.

Lak Chiong

The style of having the hot hot pot is quite similar to having Yong Tau Foo whereby we get to pick up our desired food items and place them on the bowl. The big difference about them was that items from the hot pot is measured based on weight and its stated price unlike having Yong Tau Foo.

Vegetable and mushroom is chargable base on 80g while meat and seafood is charged based on 100g.

Hot Hot Pot Menu
 Pot base is chargeable at $2 with a preferred intake of spiciness from 4 levels, namely:

1) Spicy
2) Medium
3) Mild
4) Not Spicy

Selections and Spicy Levels

For those who do not wish to take spice can do it with their non spicy version. Besides having the choice of own ingredients, Hot Hot Pot also serves stated dishes such as Hotpot Sesame Chicken, Famous Mala Soup, Hot & sour noodle etc

Standard Menu

A total bill with $40 to share among 4 of us. While some mentioned the dry one is nicer and others mentioned the wet version, we had ordered both ordered.

Measuring the weight

The soup version goes well with fish meat especially and was chock full of spices with peppercorns. Having the soup sip down the throat gave the body a sudden warmth in the stomach. I strongly recommend to have soup version for the cool rainy day.

Mala Soup Version
Fish Slices
Best with rice

For those who are more adventurous may leap forward to have the dry version. Personally I felt that it may seems a little greasy but this is how Mala Works isnt it? The selected items was loaded with peanuts adding crunch and fragrance to the bowl of selected items.

Mala Dry Version

Close up of Mala Dry

After Stirring and mixing
It was a good experience enjoying the food and tradition food of Si Chuan and Chong Qing. However, the price can be a little steep here, further more they are calculated base on weight. Nevertheless, it was quite fun sharing this pot of spicy goody among your friends on a cold cold day!

Rating: 3 / 5

Hot Hot Pot
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #B1-28/29 (Food Republic) Singapore 608532

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