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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cafe Nature

Cafe Nature belongs to the group Nature Vegetarian Catering  and has taken over Cafe De Paradiso, cafe Nature. Located right under the MRT tracks between Clementi and Jurong East Stations, this place should be quite familar who frequent pass by Tradehub 21.

Cafe Nature
I'm still recalling how vibrant was Cafe De Paradiso and as compared to Cafe Nature, they still maintain its lively and calming environment in a different furnishing and colors.

Cafe Nature's Menu

Where People Come
Designed under a nature theme with greens and browns making up majority of the colors as well has branches twigs over on its wall had somehow portray a world of nature once we stepped into the restaurant but of course less the birds chirping. The nature freshness of air we got from the nature was all replaced by the sudden gush of fragrance as we pulled the opened.

Branches and Twigs Environment
Dining Interior
Foamy Mint filled the top part of the cup matching up with matcha green color and a slice of lemon by the side. It tastes as though the mint leaves was blend and dissolve into the drink entirely. Raw vegetable taste added with some soury twist and sweetness, the drink is absolutely unique to my taste buds.

Ice Lemon Mint Tea - $3.90
Reminds me of those cups of Taiwanese bubbles tea Macchiatos with white foamy milky substance making up part of the drink.

Ice Earl Grey milk - $3.90
Taste is pretty close to the usual Rojak we have lessing out the black prawn paste. Its fried fritters aka You Tiao was toasted to its crunchiness with chopped peanuts topped the dish. A good opening to our main meals.

Mixed Fruits & Vegetables Rojak - $5 (Small)

Close Up

Oval shapes balls of golden fried mocked prawns was placed onto our tables beautified by the zig zag mayonnaise creams on top of them. Smells good and tasted good as well.

Salad Prawn - $14 (Medium)
The big portion of fried rice is just good enough for 4 of us. Every grain was consistently coated in the bright yellow food coloring, the plate of fried rice would not be considered complete without the vegetarian "Bah Hu" (floss) and sesame seeds that enhance its overall presentation. Ingredients of pineapple fried rice is made up of mixed vegetables, peas, carrots, corn kernels, beansprouts and  lettuce.

Pineapple Fried Rice - $10 (Big)
Broccoli tasted fresh, stirred fried, surrounding a bed of sliced mushrooms.

Broccoli with mushrooms - $11 (Medium)
One of the spiciness dishes we had ordered, never fail to impress! The dish consists of stirred fried with petai, brinjas, tomatoes, cabbages and mocked meat. The level of spiciness was great.

Sambal Petai - $11 (Medium)
Peppery taste took up most of the hot and spicy broth. A gooly form dark brown soup with green and red peppers, shredded carrots etc.

Hot and Spicy Soup - $9 (Large)

As a non-vegetarian, I'm almost deceived by the appearance of the dishes thinking that they are really non-vegetarians. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has such thought as my guest who was from Europe kept asking if what he ate was really vegetarian. Its so unbelievable to him as the mocked dishes looked pretty similar to the non vegetarian ones.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Nature Cafe
Location: Tradehub 21, 8 Boon Lay Way #01-29 Singapore 609964

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