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Monday, October 20, 2014

Tenderfresh Classic

Being a Singaporean, this business name Tenderfresh or "可爱鸡" should be no stranger to most of us. From a coffeeshop stall into a well established unit of its own along roads of popular supper areas in Bukit Timah, Tenderfresh has morph into a Bistro Version restaurant which offers a wide variety of Western Food to satiate diner's appetite.

If you are clueless of who is behind this business, well, well, this adorable chick is actually the latest venture of our local Mediacorp Actor, Ben Yeo apart from his Play kitchen located in Jurong Point. 

Tenderfresh Classic
Though it was on a weekday night the place was pack full of people lining up, waiting to make orders for their food. 

Paper Menu

This big signage litterally consist of all pages of what was shown on the paper menu. It is placed at a strategic location - the entrance, thus passers by who are still deciding what to have for their meals may have easily caught hold by the Tenderfresh chickens illustrated. Be prepared to be spoilt for choices!

Menu Board
Designs and decors on the wall looks hip, rather inviting especially when we walk pass the place. Diners are free to choose where they sit, on the high tables or the usual ones.

And one best thing is that they are officially Halal.

Dining Environment
After queueing to order, we will get a reciept with order number. Once the indicated flashes our number, it means our food is ready for collection.

Waiting for Number
Self service was observed through out the ordering process. Perhaps this is the plus point whereby no service charge and GST is involved.

Sauce - Tomato Ketchup and Chilli
 I'm too amazed by the fanciful combinations in their menu, thus I went back to the basic and order its fish and chips, the safest choice and nothing will go wrong. My order comes with a golden battered fish, big slice of gralic bread, potato skinned cut fries, coleslaw and lemon with Tatar sauce.

Fish & Chips  - $8.90
Besides being impressed by the flavourful and chilled coleslaw, I like their fish. It was hot and its meat was chunky, easily fall off in parts.

Fish & Chips Closeup
The traditional chicken chop set menu was extended with Spanish infusion of paella. Dish was well presented with a chicken chop steak with brown sauce by the side and coleslaw.

Chicken Chop with Paella - $6

The brown sauce was more towards soy taste and the chicken soup was supposed to be succulent as written on the menu turned out other wise. Meat was firm, a tad overcooked and dry whereas paella was plain. The dish in overall did not fall within my expectation range.

Chicken Chop Paella - $7.50
After having their Tenderfresh Classic, a modern version of the western food I kind of miss the old school version of fish and chips or chicken chop with a fried bun by its side.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tenderfresh Classic
Location: 9 Cheong Chin Nam Road Singapore 599734

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