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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ng Kim Lee Confectionery

Having a fair bit of history in the baking industry, Ng Kim lee Confectionery is one of the popular old school Confectionery in Singapore. With so many modernize and cafes sprouting up everywhere, they are still standing firm at where they are located in  Chun Tin Road.

Ng Kim Lee Confectionery Shop Front
Besides the old school pastries and cakes a traditional Confectionery can provide, Ng Kim Lee has it all. Not only that, they are not just limited to the pandan chiffon, walnut, butter cake and traditional looking black forest cakes etc.
Traditional Chinese Confectionery Items
In fact, they have a wide range of variety which includes cheese cakes suitable for patrons with different category of cravings.

Through the Chiller

The Kaya pandan cake comes proportionally in 2 shades of green, with the base color as the darker shade. Taste of the kaya was very mild but still the pandan fragrance and soft spongy feel makes this traditional piece of cake stand up on its own.

Kaya Pandan Cake
The muffins price was affordable at 50 cents per piece and was quite well known. Out of the 12 flavours, Banana flavour was mentioned as the best flavour. It was about a baby palm's size with 2 shades of color, brown and a lighter brown/yellow. Each muffin was dressed up in a mini star edged aluminum foil and looks cute. They had a pleasant fragrance with distinctive banana fibers in the muffins.

12 kinds of muffins - each $0.50

Rating: 4 / 5

Ng Kim Lee Confectionery
Location: 4 Chun Tin Road Singapore 599591

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