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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

I have never dined in any of the cafes located in the industrial Estate and just recently, I decided to venture into such areas on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Facade was simple, cemented with dark dirty patches on the bricks, a common outlook of Singapore's warehouses.

To emphasis its trade further, a red bicycle was mount onto one of its corner of the shelter.

Wheeler's Yard
As you know, Wheeler's yard is a bike workshop concept with an incorporation of a cafe.
We followed the arrows leading us to the cafe and saw a neat row of red old retro bicycles lined up along the walkway, leading us into the merchandise.

Red Retro Bicycles
Bike lovers, this should be one of the heavens where you can get to see parade of bikes and peripherals. There are also a wide range of helmets available.


Bikes for the kiddos are on sale too. Do check it out!

Kiddos' Bike
Besides having bicycles in Wheeler's Yard, you can spot the old school vespa parked there.

Another rare sight of the old school barber chairs. However, no resting is allowed on these chairs.

Barber Chairs

 If you are coming from the neighbourhood, there is a side gate to enter into Wheeler's yard.

The back or the other entrance of Wheeler's yard
It was Sunday morning and as I entered into the cafe, I was amazed by the amount of decorations hanging here and there. There were bikes mounted on the tables as well as hanging onto the walls, likewise for those colorful helmets.

Dining Environment
Place was simple without too much of paint work and it was all like dining in a clean workshop.

Back of the dining place
 Just at the front table in front of the cafe entrance, we have batman on the wheels. Whee! Most of the tables has a headphone attach, allowing diners to listen to the music.

Batman on the bike

That's your momentum
A buzzer will be given after ordering at the counter. Once it flashes and vibrates, we have to proceed to the collection counter.

Self service is practised throughout, even its menu, we have to walk up to the counter. Menu was rather simple, printed on rough brown papers and clipped onto the board.

It was quite innovative to make use of the bike's gear peddle as a door handle for the toilet.

A look at the toilet door handle

Our brunch started with cups of iced beverages, Cappuccino and soursop. Taste was lacking and for soursop, it was disappointing as it was quite diluted without the fleash of the fruits.

Soursop and Iced cappuccino - $5.50, $6
While I heard so many people were raving about this place, I would say their food is average and expensive.

Grilled chicken was one of the recommended mains. It was boneless with hints of cajun spice, paired with sauteed greens and creamy mash.

Grilled Chicken - $17.90
Hum Bao Bao is another recommended dish on its menu, when translated from Mandarin, it actually means hamburger. It consists of double homemade beef patties, stacked with bacons, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and topped with caramelized onions.

Side view of the burger
Buns were pillow soft in the inside and tanned on its crust with black sesame seeds. Though the patties may be juicy but taste was all lacking. Thick cut fries make up part of the dish, however, the oil used give out a smell that hint us that it had been overused.

Hum Bao Bao - $23.90
All in all, I felt that if you want a change in the usual dining experiences, then this would be a good place and chance. However, if you are here for food and have high expectations, then this is gonna be disappointing.

Wheeler's Yard Cashier Counter

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Wheeler's Yard
Location: 28 Lorong Ampas Singapore 328781
Operating Hours: Mon - Thurs: 11am - 7pm (closed on Tues), Fri - Sun: 11am - 8pm

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