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Friday, September 12, 2014

Tan Hock Seng Cooked Food

Tan Hock Seng cooked food is quite popular among my colleagues for its roasted delights and the wide variety of food served.

Tan Hock Seng Cooked Food
Kway Chap Set was delicious with the generous amount of black sauce over the braised eggs, Tau Gua, PIg's Skin, Tau Pok and Intestines. Intestines were well braised and cleaned with no trace of "porky" taste. The surprise lies underneath the thicky sweet braised items whereby we get to have bites of healthy greens. Considering a $3 meal, I would say its a generous portion.

Kway Chap Set - $3
Kway on the other hand was big, smooth and tasty contained in a big bowl of soup.

The soup from the duck noodles shared the same taste with the soup base from the kway chap, tasty and addictive. While the gravy on the roasted duck too shared the same with what was used over the kway chap.

Roasted Duck Noodle - $3.50

 Roasted duck has a significant roasted flavour, tasty and delighting. Overall, I find them better than average.

Tasty Roasted Duck
The cooked food stall is one of the interesting ones i had met, selling many dishes. I will be back again for other food from their stall.

 Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tan Hock Seng Cooked Food
Location: Teban Gardens Market & Food Centre, Blk 37A Teban Garden Road, #01-08 Singapore 601037

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