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Friday, August 22, 2014

Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly

Do give Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly a try if you are looking for desserts in Golden Mile Food Centre. Famous for their grass jelly, it was said that they were produced based on special recipe handed down from their granny.

Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly and longans were served in a traditional white and blue porcelain bowl with metal spoon, topped with a handful of shaved ice which looked coarse but in fact, soft in texture.

Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly was wobbly and smooth with a tad bitterness in it to to the use of herbs in its ingredients. However the sugar syrup and the sweetness from the longan complements this bitterness well. Refreshing and soothing to the body!

Grass Jelly Longan - $2

Though they may be a little more expensive than the usual ones, I will still be back for more!

Rating: 4 / 5

Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly
Location: Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road #01-58 Singapore 199583
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 1000 - 2000

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