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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Le Cuisine

Le Cuisine is helmed by the Celebrity Chef, Daniel Koh. With a blend of Eastern and Western gastronomy infused with European style of cooking techniques,

Le Cuisine
Interior was modern french, adopting a patio-concept with about 90 seaters eatery.

Every main course comes with a bowl of soup of the day complemented by a slice of Ciabatta Garlic Bread.

Soup of the day that comes with the meal
Deep fried chicken that was not spicy at all but then it was quite special in its cripsy fried skin and refreshing lemon taste underneath.

Spicy Wing Zing - $6.50 (4 pcs)
 For coolers, we had all four kinds of Fruit Coulis on the menu namely, lychee, raspberry, strawberry and mango. They were refreshing and icy cool, most tasted blend except for the Raspberry Coulis, it had a stronger fruity taste.

Fruit Coulis - Lychee, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango - $3.80 Each

This was one of the favourite dishes out of all ordered, with pork belly stewed in lychee coulis served with Shitake mushrooms, butter lettuce and Chinois coleslaw. The meat was literally melting soft with sweet tasting graving which made me could not resist any further. However it seems like those  Lychee pops stated on its menu were nowhere to be seen.

Lychee Pork - $13.50

Steak sliced and cooked to medium wellness as requested. It was served with julienne salad and spicy Thai dressing. A nice tangy taste that lingers for a a minute or so.

Siamese Striploin - $16.50

Though it was requested for medium wellness, the striploin was overcooked and almost well done. Luckily for some of us, we preferred it to be cooked this way.

Striploin cooked to medium wellness
Slow-cooked lamb shank in rose wine and red grain marinade. It was tender and required some force for it to fall off from its bone. This dish is served with beans ragout and tomato fondue.

Braised Lamb Shank - $15.50
Crabmeat and ebi burger with fried egg, served with stri-fried seasonal vegetables. The meat came in a round patty and tasted more of ebi, it was springy and lies on a bed of cabbages. The cabbages tasted pretty raw to me.

Signature Crab Meat Burger - $13.50
Creamy bowl of escargot with mushrooms, spinach gnocchi and cheese gratin. The brown crumbs spreaded on the top had given a sensuous touch to the dish.

Escargot Friscassee  - $12.50
Penne in seafood stewed in roasted tomato sauce . Pasta was cooked to al dente perfection with fresh seafood included like mussel, fish and prawns.

Cioppino- $15.50
  Selection of fresh mushrooms with herb croutons, topped with an egg and Parmesan cheese gratin.

Mushroom Duxelles- $12.50
Having ordered all its signatures, I would say that it wasn't that impressive to us. Though prices were reasonably stated with acceptable portions, the taste did not leave us with satisfiable stomachs, perhaps we had too much expectations earlier on. Nevertheless, it still adds on to my list of affordable French Food Restaurants in Singapore.

Rating: 3 / 5

Le Cuisine
Location: 133 New Bridge Rd, #B2-34 & 36 Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm (Last order – 9.30pm)

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