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Friday, August 15, 2014

Ji Xing (Fortune Star) Hainanese Curry Rice

The queue of Ji Xing Hainanese Curry Rice is going strong and steady at lunch time ever since its opening . The big portion of rice with its copious amount of unique Hainanese Curry gravy poured over the rice and selected items had irresistibly gained the nods of fellow patrons.
Having known of their giant portion, I requested for lesser rice and went ahead to order. 3 in a team, with one scooping the rice, one picking the dish and the other collecting payment. Out of them 3, the busiest seen was the one in the stall scooping customer's selected dishes and in between mixing the selected dishes with another layer of curry before placing them on the plate. However, service was quite fast with such collaboration.

Ji Xing Hainanese Curry Rice
The braised cabbages were very soft and moist as well as the bitter-gourd. Breaded porkchop was one of my favourites too! It was fried to a cripsy golden brown perfection and was cut into smaller equal pieces. Some may find the dish was quite spicy with such generous amount of curry gravy but to me it fits the bill as I prefer the "wet" look on my food rather than having the dry version.

Their breaded pork seems standard seemed to deteriorate, unlike the past where it was meaty and not this dry.

Breaded Pork Chop

The minced meat was one of the top favourite that diners love to order. Tender and delicious, it comes in a flatter version than in a ball form.

Minced Meat  - $2
Fallen for its braised belly! It was well braised and addictive especially when it was cooked till soften, more tender than what we have in a Kong Bak Bao or similar!

Belly Richness
Just look at the distinctive layers from the belly. Yums! It's is definitely worth being sinful for once at that moment.

Pork belly Meat
If you are seeking for some Hainanese Flavours in West Coast Area. Why not head down to West Coast Market Square and have a taste!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Fortune Star Hainanese Curry Rice 吉星

Location: BLK 726 Clementi West Street 2 #01-173

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