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Monday, August 11, 2014

Heng Leong Carrot Cake

I had visited Pek Kio Food Centre to check out the top stalls that had been spreading online recently. Wanted to try the mentione carrot cake but I was too late and they were sold out by the time when it was my turn in the queue. Since there are a few carrot cake stall, I had chosen Heng Leong Carrot Cake as the alternative.

Heng Leong Carrot Cake

I'm was dumbfolded by the price of the plate of black carrot cake. $1.50? I thought such pricing had already long gone? Their carrot cake was done in a old school style where each plate comes with generous portion of eggs, fluffy and fragrant. The size of each piece of carrot cake is big and consistently coated with black sauce. I find it too sweet for my liking. 

I'm still searching for a plate of traditional Carrot Cake which uses pork lard. Yes, I know its sinful but that is the way how delicious and definitely a good reminiscent of my childhood favourite!

Till if I come across one, I will let you know :)

Fried Carrot Cake - $1.50

Rating: 3 / 5

Heng Leong Carrot Cake
Location: Pek Kio Market & Food Centre, 41A Cambridge Road #01-13 Singapore 211041

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