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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Full of Crab

Full Of Crab is a casual 60-seater seafood restaurant that offers a utensil-free seafood dining experience. Marinated seafood were served in big plastic bags and customers are to get their bare fingers moving while digging into the crustaceans.

Full of Crab
It looked as if we have entered the seafood shack in the beach and the place had given a laidback feeling, interior build with wooden panels, graffiti and with fishing props like net, crabs and life saver floats.

Dining tables were all covered with a clean big white sheet of paper in preparation to place our meals on it. Fish stick crackers were served upon settling down at our tables, spread bare onto the white sheet.

Fish Stick Crackers
 Menu was very simple and seafood were priced at the market cost.
Full of Crab Menu
Cajun chickens were crispy at the exterior accompanied by mayonnaise dip. It was a little peppery and crystal sugars were seen clinging onto the aromatic golden brown yummy wings!

Cajun Chicken - $10
Part of the restaurant thoughtfulnes to equip their diners with tools to crack open the hard shells of the crustaceans and to dig out the meat which is hard to reach.

Tools Used for Dining
The friendly server comes in a red bucket and took 2 clear bags of food out. I was kinda amazed by their way of serving, the crabs that we had ordered was served in those bags, loaded with cajun and garlic butter chilli gravy. There were 3 choices given, Cajun, Garlic butter or fully loaded to flavour and the level of spiciness is divided into 3 level, mild, medium and hot.

We had the medium level of spiciness which should keep us perspiring over the meal as indicated on the menu. While the server rolled down the plastic bags, revealing the sexy legs of the King Crab. The portion was actually half the crab, mix in the bag of baby potatoes and Shrimps.

Pirate's Pick (King Crab Legs) - $79
 Spikes were seen on the claw.

The claw
The flesh from the king crab was salty.

Part of the King Crab
 For captain choice, it consists of Sir Lanka Crab and a side - corn on the cob, as well as shrimps. While I expect its flesh to be sweeter, it was as salty as the Fresh King Crab, I thought it was perhaps the way of their cooking.

Captain's Choice (Sri Lanka Crab) - $94

The shrimps were fresh. However, the rostum was left unprocessed which make it difficult for shrimp's head lover to obtain the "juice" out. The spiciness and heat from shrimp was a challenged for us to remove the shell.

Though it was mild spiciness, the level was more than what we had expected. Level of oiliness from the bag was kind of let down which stop us from having more. The table was full of mess after extracting their flesh. Overall, the dining process was a good experience and a memorable.

Rating: 3 / 5

Full of Crab
Location: 195 East Coast Road Singapore 428900

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