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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chop Lian Hin [Closed]

We had discovered Chop Lian Hin during one of our trips to Teban Hawker Centre and the crowds outside its shop had brought additional awareness to curious beings like me. Like any typical Singaporean, long queues had given us a perception that the food is good and I bet it on this, thus the reason why I'm here for lunch!

Chop Lian Hin

We made our orders as soon as we settled down. Belachan chilli was served shortly to our tables. Unlike the usual Cze Char dining places, utensils were readily placed on every table.

Belachan Chilli

The milky soupy dish had completed my day on a cool weather. Although much ginger and evaporated milk was added, the taste were not too overpowering. Noodles was smooth and silky in the broth that gave off a light XO taste. A handful of greens were added and the thick fat generous chunk of sliced fish was the scene stealer.

Fish Meat Bee Hoon - $4.50

Overall it's fresh and awesome! If you were to ask me about the downside, I would say that one has to be careful of bones among the meat as well as the scales on the fish skins. Remove them.

Thick Fish - Be careful of its bones

Served straight to our table immediately out from the scalding oil wok, these fried chicken were aromatic. well marinated and crispy at its external layer,  fried golden brown to perfection.

Prawn Paste Chicken - $9

Cripsy Chicken at a closer look

Pricing is reasonable and a bowl of XO Fish Noodle Soup may cost at least S$6.00 in other coffeeshop. Chop Lian Hin offered is definitely a steal! However the downside of the place is its seating capacity. Seats are rather limited and we have learn to be earlier next round!

"Kiasu" abit, one can actually call up and make reservations for their lunch.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Chop Lian Hin
Location: Blk 39 Teban Gardens Road Singapore 600039

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