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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Zam Zam Singapore

When we were talking about Nasi Bryani and Murtabak, a number of my friends had suggested that I should give Zam Zam a try. Zam Zam, probably being one of the best known Muslim Restaurant in Singapore is located in North Bridge Road just opposite Sultan Mosque.

Zam Zam Restaurant
 This institution has stood more than a century serving legendary Indian-Muslim Dishes in the 2 Storey High Shop house.

1st Level of Zam Zam

As it was a hot Saturday afternoon and we were directed to the 2nd Floor of Zam Zam via the narrow aisles of the stairs to enjoy its air-conditioned environment. There were no physical Menu that served right in front of our eyes but rather all the availabilities were well advertised by the side of the walls.

Environment was cooling with few units of Air Con mounted on the wall blowing constantly towards our direction.

2nd Storey of Zam Zam
 To start off, we had our cups of Teh O Limau and Ice Limau while settling down and waiting for the mains to come.Personally, I find that the level of sweetness was abit over for me.

Drinks - $3 for 2
Just like most Muslim / Indian Eateries, a slip is given for the total dishes ordered.

Order Slip
With a long history and recommendations by word of mouth, high expectations for Zam Zam are inevitable. I had ordered their Mutton Murtabak and indeed there were slight differences from the usual ones I had. The layer was crispy with minced mutton stuffed in between, mixed with chopped onions.

Mutton Murtabak - $6
Personally, I find that the Murtabak I had was ordinary and nothing to rave about. They were of course not too chewy and not too doughy type, carrying the main characteristics of what should be from their cuisine.

For those who are more adventurous, they have Bambi (Deer) Murtabak and you may want to try them out.

Closer look on the Mutton Murtabak
The other must tried recommended by the menu was their Briyani. Basmati rice was soft and fluffy with not much of dryness. They are perfect on the go with the fish curry to accompanied with and I'm enjoying every grain of it.

Chicken Briyani - $6.50
Beside enjoying the long grains on the plate, I'm quite please with the big size chicken coated in orange red curry sauce. The meat was tender and fresh. If you are a small eater, it is best to share the dish.

Though I find that they may not be the best in Singapore, I still think that for such long history in the food heritage of Singapore, this is a Must Go for foodies. Or if you have some calories to spare, do try them out.

For service rendered,  the servers were rather friendly and food were all served efficiently.

Rating: 3 / 5

Zam Zam Singapore
Location: 697/699 North Bridge Road Singapore 198677

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