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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Omakase Burger

Omakase when translated from Japanese literally means "Chef's Choice" or "its up to you". Serving customers in their best with ingredients made from the highest quality and preparing in the best way they knew.

I came to be aware of Omakase burger when a colleague of mine asked if I had tried before, thus through word of mouth, I decided to pay them a visit at the grandstand since I havent been there, killing 2 birds in a stone.

Upon reaching the restaurant, I was quite shock to see that they were actually published on the quite a number of media articles before such as The Straits Times, Epicure magazine, appetite magazine etc.

Facade of Omakase Burger

Menu was rather straight forward, with the mains as burgers and chicken.
Such common practice by more restaurants nowadays using the beeper to given an indication when food is ready for collection and Omakase Burger is seen adopting such technology too.

While food required to be waited for quite sometime, we can get our drinks instantly from the counter. Look at the machine, its just a state of an art technology with orange juice freshly squashed in front of our eyes without any sugar added just within a minute. I was thinking that the helpers was real lucky to have a fuss free experience making juices out of those thick skin oranges.

I remember seeing such machines in one of the Airports of an European country and I'm quite surprise to see them  here.

Orange Juice Squasher
Needless to say, the orange juice I had was fresh and though I had ordered the bigger cup, it was still somehow not enough for me. And its not cheap at all. And the lemonade we had was only half a bottle portion and came with a cup of ice. It was refreshingly sour but I like it. They were home-made and fresh kept in store daily using a good blend of limes, lemons and secret ingredients.

Lemonade and Orange Juice - $4.60 & $5.80
While waiting for our food, we saw other tables with sides like enormous onions rings and truffle fries and we decided to order the latter. These cripsy fries were tossed in their white and black truffle blend with grated Italian black truffles. Yum yum!

Truffle Fries - $7.30
Oven baked parmesan chicken is one of their speciality. Under the layer of baked breaded chicken, there was a layer of cheese coating leaving a good impression on such dish. Though it was baked, the meat was juicy and flavourful. This meal  is served with baked rasin roll with butter spread and requires about 20 minutes of waiting time.

Baked Chicken - $15.90
For the real burger lover, the restaurant recommendations - The Ultimate Burger. The burger is complete with bacons, mushrooms and onions with their 100% USDA choice-grade premium cuts. Their patties were self made daily - grind, blend and hand form. This is to ensure the freshness of their burgers.

Ultimate Cheese Burger - $18.50
Look at the melted American cheese, delicious!
Close up

Having tried a number of burger joints, there is no doubt about Omakase Freshness and quality. However I find that the price is a little bit steep as compared to other places where servings are seen bigger. Considering the number of Omakase Burger in Singapore with the accessibility, having such burger will only be once in a blue moon for me.

Rating: 3 / 5

Omakase Burger @ The Grandstand
Location: 200 Turf Club Road #01-05 Bukit Timah, Singapore 287994

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