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Monday, June 16, 2014

West Co'z Cafe

West Co'z Cafe is probably one of the most crowded places in West Coast Plaza during dinner times or even over lunch times. Located at one corner of 3rd level strategically located just beside the escalator, it is one of the favourite family dinner spot.

West Co'z Cafe
 When we reached there, it was already full house and we were asked to leave our phone number down so that if there was any table available, they will give us a ring. To give some assurance, the helper mentioned that a minimum of 20 minutes was required.

L Shape Dining area

We chose set menu B with 4 person dining which cost $73.80 and it comes with complimentary drinks and white rice. However there were only limited drinks option available.

Complimentary Drinks with the set

Starting with its popular dish, the curry fish head where every table would have such dish. Its rich in flavor. Fish meat is fresh and tender. Ingredients consist of long beans, lady's fingers and tau pok. However we find that for such pot to be shared among 4 of us, its a tad little.

Curry Fish Head

Sedap! Surprisingly the kangkong tastes good. Juicy and crunchy with the sambal sauce.

Sambal Kankong
 Braised Beancurd with different kinds of vegetables added to the dish.

Braised Beancurd

Sweet tasting golden brown fried chicken in the claypot mixed with some onion. The dish was great perhaps the only let down was that the meat was too little.

Claypot Golden Chicken
I enjoy eating prawns in oats but I'm not very used to "pre-process" prawns that was already "deshelled" and have the semi translucent look with bouncy bite.

Oats Prawn
 The bittergourd soup was an ala carte add on. It was flavourful with sliced fish, egg, tomato, fish cakes and bittergourd. The soup goes very well with the dinner.

Bittergourd Soup (Large) - $12 (Ala Carte)

Pricing is relatively fine taken into consideration that it was dining in air conditioned place. For payment of bill, dont bother to get them walk over to your table. Just walk up to the cashier and pay there. Unless you have time to spare. If not, it will quite some times for them to come to you especially during the peak hours.

Rating: 3 / 5

West Co'z Cafe
Location: West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road #02-23 Singapore 127371

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