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Monday, June 23, 2014

Yong Lai Fa Ji Shu Shi

I was shocked when my friend told me that our dinner will be in area of Circuit Road and we will be going to have fish meat noodle. I had never hear of it and decided to give it a try.

After glancing through rows and rows of hawker stalls, we had finally found Yong Lai Fa Ji Shu Shi.
I was expecting some long queue but fortunately there wasn't any.

Yong Lai Fa Ji Shu Shi
The soup was clear type with fresh slices of fresh included. I love its smooth and silky texture. However I find that to taste the fish soup at it best is to order without noodles in it. I had mine with Ee Mian and the taste was different from one with noodles.

Ee Mian - $3.50
I felt that they have a finer version of Ee Mian and it was rather special as I seldom find fish soup in Ee Mian that comes with an egg.

Close Shot of Ee Mian
Here's the original version without noodles added. Soup was flavourful with "dong cai" (preserved vegetables) added. Lettuce, seaweed, toufu, tomato as well as fried & sliced fish added, not forgetting sole fish was added too giving additional flavour to the soup.


The color of fried fish in particular was neither faint in color nor too soggy.  I'm glad that the trip was not wasted as they did not disappoint.

Double Fish Soup with rice- $5.50 (Big)

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Yong Lai Fa Ji Shu Sji
Location: Circuit Road Hawker Centre, Blk 79/79A Circuit Road, #01-66 s371079

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