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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pak Kashmiri Delight

It was quite a rare chance to have me dining in Tekka Centre as the place was those that I would not  have thought I would go. It just happened by chance that we were looking for something after meal nearby at Mackanize Road and we decided to explore some of the Indian Food in the Hawker.

As we walked along the row of Muslim stalls, Pak Kashmiri had caught hold of our attention with its spread of delights. Naan and Chapatti are their main specialties.

Pak Kashmiri Delights
Self service is adviced with the dinner crowd around especially. We had the Mutton Marsala to dip our naans. Taste was not what we had expected with the sauce slightly diluted. However the amount of mutton given was still bearable.

Mutton Marsala - $3
Naan was made by per order and we decided to choose 2 kinds to share among ourselves. We had the plain and garlic flavoured. What I like about the naan that it was served in its best at its freshest condition. As we tore them apart and dip them into the Mutton Marsala, we can feel the pain on our fingers due to the heat emitted from the naans.

Plain Naan tasted average while we had higher expectation for the garlic flavoured, however the standards and garlic fell below our expectation. There was no slightest scent of garlic even though minced pieces of garlic was spotted on it.

Plain Naan - $1 (top) & Garlic Naan - $1.50 (Bottom)

Since there were a number of stalls around, if I'm back there again, I would definitely try on other food.

Rating: 3 / 5

Pak Kashmiri
Location: Tekka Centre, Blk 665 Buffalo Road , #01-250 Singapore 210665 

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